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nabi saleh spring

  • Nabi Saleh is where I lost my Zionism

    By the time I began going to Nabi Saleh, I had spent about four years reporting on what I saw in the West Bank and Gaza, watching detachedly as my politics moved ever leftward. What I witnessed in that small West Bank village was the last straw. A short video of 16-year-old Ahed Tamimi slapping an Israeli soldier has dominated the Israeli media for the past week, and received prominent coverage internationally as well. Ahed, a Palestinian girl from the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh, makes a big impression with her eye-catching mane of blonde hair, the fierce, intelligent…

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  • Nabi Saleh's weapon against occupation: Humiliation

    The residents of the small West Bank village, who were recently propelled into the international spotlight, know that neither slingshots nor sophisticated camera angles are their best weapon against military rule. Many Israelis never heard of Nabi Saleh before a video of a soldier struggling with a child and his women family members went viral. It wasn’t just the violence of a soldier’s overwhelming might rushing the delicate body of an injured kid that made the video upsetting. There was something horrible about seeing a grown man lose his armed-to-the-teeth cool to a mere child, struggling and cursing as if fighting…

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  • For first time, weekly Nabi Saleh protest reaches destination: its own spring

    By The Popular Struggle Coordination Committee Dozens of residents of Nabi Saleh, joined by supporters from Israel and abroad, marked a historic victory on Friday when they succeeded in reaching the village's confiscated spring. Protests in the small hilltop village started in December 2009 as a response to the annexation of the freshwater spring and theft of other  village lands by the adjacent settlement of Halamish. Since then, weekly protests have attempted to reach the spring but are always met with harsh military violence. In the past few months, two women's marches were able to reach the spring in the…

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