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  • The 'reasonable person' standard and murdering one's rapist

    Yonatan Hailu was convicted of murdering his rapist, Yaron Eileen, and sentenced to 20 years in prison because his actions did not meet the "reasonable person" standard. Did the judges not only hear but really listen to his testimony? Did they take his trauma into account? Did they understand that his soul was murdered, over and over, by being raped twice? By Sharon Mayevski (Translated from Hebrew by Maya Naveh and Michelle Bubis) The Lod District Court sentenced Yonatan Hailu – a 24-year-old man convicted of murdering Yaron Eileen in Netanya in 2010 – to 20 years in prison. Hailu…

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  • 48 human beings were massacred - and we have forgotten them

    When a country accepts responsibility for such a significant event in its past, one might expect it to erect a monument to the victims, to sponsor the annual memorial ceremony and to honor the memory of those murdered rather than leave the matter to the families left behind, as if it were their problem alone. By Shirley Racah and Abed Kannaneh For most citizens of Israel, the 29th of October was just another day. But not for Israel's Arab citizens. On this date in 1956, 57 years ago — the first day of the Sinai Campaign (the coordinated attack on Egypt…

  • Women in Nazareth stand up against domestic violence

    Palestinian women citizens of Israel demonstrated against the police's failure to address domestic violence and violence against women earlier this month. At the start of the October a Palestinian woman and her two children were killed by an ex-husband in a murder-suicide. The woman had asked for police protection months before, but was denied. Following the murder, Palestinian women in the north of Israel stood up and said, "enough is enough. Women's blood is not worth any less than [men's]."

  • WATCH: Arab women protest against domestic violence in Israel

    In the past decade, 76 Arab women have been murdered in domestic violence in Israel. The 'Committee for the Struggle against the Murder of Women in Arab Society' held an event protesting murder and violence against Arab women. Families of the victims are still demanding justice since most of the murderers are still free.

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  • Violence is a cruel reminder of a reality that is neither calm nor stable

    When murder and violence flash in the West Bank, Israelis should remember that on the other days they don't hear about terror, lots of violence is taking place. Those who choose to live in an illusion of calm and stability should consider themselves both privileged and lucky. And neither of those things can last forever.  Days like today, ones that start out with a Palestinian stabbing an Israeli to death and end with Israeli settlers rampaging around, starting fires and hurling stones at innocent Palestinian bystanders - many of them children: days like today are a cruel expression of the…

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