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Muhammad Khatib

  • Palestinians build 'settlement' near Jerusalem, receive eviction orders from Border Police

    In response to the Israeli government's plans to build 4,000 housing units for Jewish settlers in the E1 area, Palestinians set up a new tent village called Bab Al-Shams (Gate of the Sun). Police attempts to dismantle the new village were thwarted by a temporary warrant issued by the High Court of Justice. Some 250 Palestinians, organized in part by the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee and activists from several villages in struggle against the wall and settlements, arrived at the area known by Israel as E1 early this morning, and started work on their new village. Activists state that the…

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  • A sad day of 'victory' in Ramallah

    In spite of the headlines, the international media attention, and the flow of pictures showing celebrating Palestinians waving flags – the UN resolution sparked little excitement or joy in the streets of Ramallah, which is still surrounded by walls and settlements on all sides. If anything, it was an evening of sadness and despair. Traveling to Ramallah for the late-night public screening of Palestine's UN bid, I was not expecting much. Journalists who spent the day in the West Bank had already reported that very little was going on, that PA sponsored rallies had attracted only few people in the…

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  • Israeli refusing restraining order from Nabi Saleh released

    UPDATE: An Israeli woman arrested during Friday's demonstration in Nabi Saleh, who refused to sign an order forbidding her from entering Nabi Saleh for two weeks as a condition of her release, has today been released without conditions. **** Two dozen Palestinian, Israeli and international activists were arrested at a protest marking one week since the killing of Mustafa Tamimi; IDF fires tear gas, "skunk spray" on protesters with start of demonstration.  Of the two dozen people who were arrested at Friday's weekly demonstration in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh, most - the Israelis and internationals - were…

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