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Muhammad al Dura

  • ‘Pallywood’: A particularly ugly ethnic slur

    And a very popular one among right-wing Israelis and Diaspora Jews. I've been writing for years against the "Pallywood" theory – the right-wing notion that videos showing Palestinians getting killed by Israelis are really elaborate fakes meant to blacken Israel's name. Yet it's only this morning I realized that the term "Pallywood," which was coined by Boston University Prof. Richard Landes, is an ethnic slur, and a particularly ugly one. It not only mangles the name of an entire people, it does so in the most contemptuous context – it links the name Palestinian with the telling of lies, and…

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  • On the al-Dura affair: Israel officially drank the Kool Aid

    A look at the right-wing conspiracy-nut thinking that informed this week's blue-ribbon report on the infamous 2000 killing of a Palestinian boy in Gaza.  In the 13 years since Muhammad al-Dura was killed in an Israeli-Palestinian shootout in Gaza while cowering behind his father, masses of right-wing Jews have eagerly embraced a conspiracy theory of the 12-year-oid boy’s killing – that it was staged, a hoax perpetrated by Palestinians to blacken Israel’s name. This theory, promoted most avidly by Boston University Prof. Richard Landes and French media analyst Philippe Karsenty, depends on a view of Palestinians being superhumanly clever and fiendish,…

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  • Disputed 2nd Intifada affair resurges in French court, HuffPost

    Nearly 12 years later, the most indelible incident of the Second Intifada - in which Muhammad al Dura died in his father's arms - is rehashed on the pages of the Huffington Post in an article that whitewashes the facts for the sake of saving Israel from bad publicity. By Rechavia Berman Something strange is going on over at The Huffington Post. The quasi-liberal answer to sites like Town Hall and Little Green Footballs ran a piece this week by an Israeli writer, Lilac Sigan, who pretended to give her readers a lesson in critical thinking and strict adherence to…

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  • A child is dead: Charles Enderlin on the 'Al-Dura incident,' 10 years later

    This article was originally published in October 2010. I am republishing it following the Israeli government's publication of its definitive report on the incident, in which it absolves the army of responsibility for the boy's death. I've added two new paragraphs at the end. In September 2000, on the second day of the Second Intifada, a 12 year-old Palestinian boy named Muhammad al-Dura was shot and killed during an exchange of gunfire between Israeli and Palestinian forces in Gaza. Several other Palestinian children were killed by gunfire that day, and hundreds more in the months and years since, but only…

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