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Muammar Qaddafi

  • The “Obama Doctrine:” A blessing or a curse for the conflict?

    The end of the Gaddafi regime in Libya proved that U.S. President Barack Obama’s doctrine of “leading from behind” was a success. But the Obama Doctrine is not only a new approach to war - it extends to foreign policy on the whole, and therefore has already begun to affect the Israeli-Palestinian conflict When U.S. President Barack Obama decided to let other nations take a leading role during the war in Libya, the criticism was quick to come from every corner. They claimed he was doing too little, that he didn’t consult, that he was scared of using the air…

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  • Western powers still don't know how to deal with Arab democracy

    By Maath Musleh The leaders of the industrialized states are still confused by the revolutions in the Arab world. Many of them have given public recognition to the historic changes taking place, but few are investing significantly in preparing for the new era. Instead, the leaders of the major world powers are trying to influence changes. They are trying to set new rules for the game, rather than play by the new rules set by the people. The US administration was late in announcing its support for the people's revolutions. It was easier for them to decide to invade and…

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