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  • When heroes fall far from home

    Perhaps I expected some measure of defiance, for him to rage, as Dylan Thomas begged of his father, 'against the dying of the light.' But in the end, there was no rage left in my father, even as the core injustice of his life — that he could never return home — remained. When he first learned the word “Palestinian,” my younger brother used it to name all things broken or not quite right. It was an innocent association—learned, as all language is, by mapping sounds to things manifest. But in our diaspora home, Palestine was not a tactile place.…

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  • Teen's murder is a reminder that we are all settlers

    Just as we must mourn Hallel Yaffa Ariel as a human being and a slain child, we must also mourn her as a settler — because all Israelis are responsible for her presence in the West Bank. Superlatives are inadequate to tell the sorrow of recent weeks. Thirteen-year old Hallel Yaffa Ariel was stabbed to death in her bed in the West Bank settlement of Kiryat Arba Thursday morning. Forty-four people were blown up in Istanbul’s airport, nearly 50 shot to death in Orlando. Mahmoud Badran, a 15-year old Palestinian boy, was killed by Israeli forces, “by mistake,” coming back…

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  • Standing up to the monopoly on mourning in Israel

    For those of us who confront the realities of what goes on here every day, especially those of us who cannot escape it, or who make it part of our profession, every day is a form of Memorial Day and Independence Day. That is what we are trying to change. I went to one of my regular 6:45 p.m. yoga classes Tuesday night, knowing that at 8 p.m., just 15 minutes before the class ended, a siren for fallen soldiers and terror victims would sound. It was Israel's Memorial Day. I wondered what I would do. I didn’t want to…

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  • How to mourn terror victims as a leftist

    Leftists always worry that the Right will exploit violence to advance its political agenda, so we remain silent. The Left needs to learn how to mourn while rejecting the political programs of our leaders — and even the victims. On Sunday, Dafna Meir, mother of six was murdered in her West Bank home with three of her children nearby, allegedly by a 16-year old Palestinian stabber. On Monday, a young pregnant woman was stabbed in her West Bank settlement of Tekoa; she is in stable condition. These attacks against unarmed civilians are unambiguously, absolutely and completely wrong. There is no…

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  • The Israeli nation collectively mourns - but why?

    Paradoxically, the feeling that those who were killed could have been our children - feeling as though they are our children - is one of the mechanisms that convinces people to send their children to kill and to die. By Inna Michaeli In the days following the announcement of the murder of the three abducted teenagers, many friends of mine - most of whom identify with the left - shared feelings of sorrow, pain, and loss. What’s been bothering me isn’t that their participation in this national mourning session is fake, but rather that it’s real. It’s the government, the…

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