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moshe silman

  • Government laughs in the face of economic desperation

     A review of the year of social protests - just hours before the demonstration planned against the government's budget - yields bad news: The government has offered shallow solutions and deepened the roots of economic inequality.  Last year's social paradox During last summer's social protests, outsiders and curious journalists repeatedly asked me how to explain that Israel has such excellent economic indicators, but so much discontent. Not being much of an economist, but knowing something about public opinion, I looked at how people experienced their lives here – micro versus macroeconomics. Despite apparently excellent macro indicators, most individual families weren't…

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  • Group of J14 activists to refuse their military reserve duty

    While thousands of J14 activists took to the streets and blocked main roads in major cities Sunday night, a group of reserve service soldiers is forming a new agenda of conscientious objection in protest of neo-liberalism and the lack of social justice. "I will no longer defend a state that doesn't defend its citizens," says activist. Moshe Silman, who set himself on fire Saturday night and who is still struggling for his life, sparked a new wave of angry J14 protests against the Israeli government. Thousands of demonstrators marched the streets of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa and Be'er Sheva Sunday…

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  • Pro-Netanyahu daily omits criticism from protester's suicide note

    Israel Hayom, a pro-Netanyahu daily newspaper, redacted the prime minister's name from a widely-published letter distributed by a man who tried to immolate himself at Saturday's social justice protest in Tel Aviv. There was considerable shock among social protest activists after a protester named Moshe Silman from Haifa set himself on fire yesterday, during a march in front of a government building in Tel Aviv. Mr. Silman saw his business collapse because of an unpaid debt;  many activists in Haifa knew him from previous protest events. The government's refusal to provide Mr. Sliman with subsidized housing, even though he was…

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