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Moshe "Boogie" Ya'alon

  • Why does the IDF hold Gazan fishermen responsible for rocket launching?

    The IDF will allow Gaza fishermen to go beyond three-mile zone previously imposed on them and up to six miles into the Mediterranean Sea, it announced on Tuesday. Under the Oslo Accords, Gaza's maritime boundaries stretch 20 nautical miles from shore. However, as a part of its blockade policy, Israel does not allow fishermen to travel beyond a narrow strip of three to six miles - an area which changes at the discretion of the government and defense minister. The Gaza strip is one of the most densely populated areas in the world (see map below) and fishing constitutes an important source of food…

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  • Update: Ministers and general did not honor Lior

    As reported earlier this week, Dov Lior - a leading rabbi who supported the gentile slaying guidebook, Torat Ha’Melekh – received honors yesterday by the local council of Hebron Mountain. However, the two ministers (Moshe “Boogie” Ya’alon and Eli Yishai) and general (Avi Mirahi) who were supposed to grace the event with their presence have all canceled their appearance (Hebrew). Neither one of them explained why he canceled his appearance. Ma’ariv, who published the original report, claims that it deterred them from showing up. The settler local council claimed the cancellation was the result of a scheduling mix-up. So apparently…

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  • Ministers and general to honor Rabbi charged with incitement

    Dov Lior, whose detainment caused riots, will receive an award in the presence of two ministers and an active duty general Much has been written recently about the detainment of Dov Lior, the rabbi who endorsed the gentile-slaying manual, Torat Ha'Melekh. Lior ignored a police summons for a year, then played the victim card when he finally hauled into an interrogation room, he and his supporters conveniently forgetting that a regular citizen who would try to pull this stunt would be spend a few days in detention. Lior's detainment brought his storied racist past and the book itself back into…

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