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molotov cocktail

  • WATCH: Palestinians, IDF clash in Hebron, days after soldier's death

    Clashes erupted Tuesday in Hebron, just days after an Israeli soldier was shot dead in the city. The clashes, which began as a small protest, slowly swelled into a full-scale confrontation, as hundreds of Palestinian youth threw rocks and molotov cocktails at rubber bullet-wielding soldiers.  By Elias Nawawieh The confrontation began after the Israelis closed the Tomb of the Patriarchs (Ibrahimi Mosque) to Muslim worshippers, due to the Jewish holiday of Sukkot. Palestinians began throwing rocks and molotov cocktails and created barriers on the street, at which point Israeli soldiers responded with sound grenades and rubber bullets. Approximately six youths…

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  • The face of violence: between racism and banal evil

    In 1998, an Israeli film appeared called "Buzz." It was based on a true story that had rocked the country four years earlier: two teenagers murdered a taxi driver, shooting him six times in the back. In the style of some great literature, there was no motive at all, just sheer thrill for boys who had already developed a pastime of petty crime. Nobody is making films these days about stunningly random, lethal violence. We've grown ritually used to it. We have a few days to nurse our horror, then we return to the struggle to close out the month…

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  • Netanyahu reaches out to Abbas to condemn firebomb attack

    In an atypical move, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu contacted, through an envoy, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas Friday to express the severity of Thursday's firebomb attack on a Palestinian taxi cab that left six people, including two children, injured. According to Haaretz, the prime minister conveyed to Abbas that Israeli security forces would do everything in their power to track down whoever is responsible for the attack and bring them to justice. This is considered unusual behavior for the prime minister, who has in the past reacted to "price tag" attacks such as the torching of a mosque with a mere statement…

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