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Mohammad Shtayyeh

  • Stuck between Trump and Netanyahu, Abbas is running out of options

    U.S.-led negotiations are the only game in town for the Palestinian Authority — Abbas doesn’t have many choices available. But according to those close to him, he is unsure about how to proceed given that the goal posts have been moved yet again. By Dalia Hatuqa It would have been a startling assertion had it not been heard before. Two weeks ago, Benjamin Netanyahu declared that he would not be evacuating any settlements in the West Bank. “We are here to stay, forever,” the Israeli prime minister said at the settlement of Barkan. “We will deepen our roots, build, strengthen…

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  • Palestinian official: Israel's threats are empty

    UNITED NATIONS -- A few minutes after President Mahmoud Abbas received a standing ovation from the General Assembly, Palestinian official Mohammad Shtayyeh entered the media centre and gave an impromptu press conference. Speaking forcefully, he said that the Palestinian delegation had not come to the UN to bluff or play a game. "We must go to the Security Council first because the General Assembly cannot grant Palestine UN membership as an independent state," he said. "There will be a vote in the General Assembly after the Security Council approves our application for full membership status." Asked if the Palestinians had…

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