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Mizrahi women

  • Hundreds of women march in south Tel Aviv against deportations

    To mark International Women's Day, asylum seekers and long-term residents of south Tel Aviv march together to oppose the deportation of refugees from Israel, and call for the rehabilitation south Tel Aviv's neighborhoods.  By Yael Marom Over 700 women, both asylum seekers and long-term residents of south Tel Aviv, gathered Friday morning for a solidarity through the city's southern neighborhoods, calling to stop the planned deportation of asylum seekers from the country. The women marched from the Mizrahi-feminist center Achoti, until they reached Levinsky Park, while chanting slogans such as "residents and refugees refuse to be enemies," and "no to deportation, yes…

  • Israel's '50 most influential women' — not a single Arab

    Israel's leading economic paper couldn't find a single Arab to put on their list of Israel's most influential women. Last week the Israeli magazine Lady Globes (put out by business daily Globes) published its list of Israel's 50 most influential women for 2016. Although it remains unclear what it takes for a woman to make the list — not to mention who came up with the criteria — I decided to use the list to analyze Israeli society from the eyes of a Palestinian. I wanted to learn who these women are, and why they are so influential. [tmwinpost] The list includes…

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