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mixed schools

  • PHOTOS: Following arson, thousands march with integrated J'lem school

    Two first-grade classrooms were targeted by arsonists who left racist graffiti at one of the country's only mixed Jewish-Arab schools. Roughly 2,000 people — students, teachers and parents from “Hand in “Hand” schools from across Israel — marched through the streets of Jerusalem Friday morning to the Max Rayne bilingual school, which was the target of an arson attack last weekend. Many others joined the march in support the school and to speak out against racism, including activists and at least one member of Knesset, Jamal Zahalka of Balad. Last Saturday night, still unidentified arsonists broke into two first-grade classrooms,…

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  • 'Don’t you even dare to think about a Jewess': An assault on tolerance education

    Anti-miscegenation stickers plastered all over a mixed school are simply another manifestation of the state’s incessant attempt to police the borders of the dominant ethnic group so as to guarantee its purity. By Neve Gordon and Catherine Rottenberg This article was first published in The Nation on June 6, 2014. They came at night. When the principal arrived in the morning to open the school, there were scores of stickers covering the outside walls, the main entrance and the surrounding fence. The stickers, like the school’s motto, were bilingual, in Hebrew and in Arabic. In Hebrew they read, “Don’t you even…

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