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miscegenation laws

  • Government quietly funds KKK-like organizations

    The government funds an ultra-racist organization, which campaigns against “miscegenation” and assimilation The LHVH (“Preventing assimilation in the Holy Land”) organization made a lot of headlines in recent months, much due to the very active MK Tzippi Hotovely (Likud). It is hyperactive in preventing “miscegenation marriages” and preventing the pure daughters of Israel from soiling themselves in contact with non-Jews. It is also rather quick to support the lynching of non-Jews (Hebrew), even if the lynching has nothing to do with assimilation/”miscegenation”. In this weekend’s Haaretz supplement, Uri Blau and Shay Greenberg show (Hebrew) that LHVH, which is an admittedly…

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  • The Pale of Settlement: Disapora victimhood examined

    Israelis like to argue that that atrocities done by Jews cannot be compared to atrocities done to Jews, because the Diaspora Jews were innocent victims, and the victims of Israeli Jews today are not. But is this the case, and just how morally wholesome is the argument? by Shalom Boguslavsky | Translation: Rechavia Berman An old Jewish joke tells of Moishele, who was forced into serving in the Czar's army during the Russo-Turkish war. His weeping mother packs his bags, makes sure to put some extra sweaters and, and while going through other such yiddishe mamme fuss, dispenses some advice:…

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  • Why Israel imposes Sharia law

    Most Americans would be shocked to hear Israel imposes Sharia. But it does, for some 60 years. On Andrew Sullivan’s blog, a reader wondered about the contradiction of conservatives supporting, at the same time, two contradictory opinions: on the one hand, they blindly support Israel and its army, and on the other, they strongly oppose the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, even as the IDF has permitted openly gay soldiers to serve some two decades ago. Well, actually, there seems to be a better question for neocons: how can you be so hysterical about the (non-existent) threat of Sharia…

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