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military repression

  • Watch: Israeli Channel 2 (poorly) covers the protest in Nabi Saleh

    Recently, a popular Israeli news program visited the village of Nabi Saleh, just west of Ramallah, in order to investigate the demonstrations for an Israeli audience. They ended up producing half of hour of misleading Border Police testimonies while missing the fascinating story of Palestinian-Israeli cooperation inside the village. 360, an Israeli Channel Two news magazine which approaches current affairs from a "360 degree" angle, recently aired a program about Nabi Saleh. The program was designed to give Israelis a look into demonstrations which have been gaining international headlines for years but received relatively little domestic coverage. The thrust of the program left the…

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  • Scores injured in Qalandia Nakba Day demonstration

    Over 1000 men, women and children marched in Qalandiya Sunday to mark the Nakba. The Israeli military stopped the march using heavy handed crowd control measures which resulted in over 100 injured including 20 medium to serious injuries. The demonstration lasted from morning until night with one attempt at upending the eight metre high Qalandiya barrier. The March 15 youth movement along with various popular committees throughout the West Bank organized a mass demonstration to mark Nakba day at the Qalandiya checkpoint separating Jerusalem and Ramallah. Over 1000 demonstrators including international supporters marched from Ramallah to Jerusalem but were stopped…

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  • Video: 25 injured in Nabi Saleh yesterday

    Yesterday in Nabi Saleh. 25 injured among them woman and children. One Israeli with a broken arm. One American with a head injury. Both from close range direct tear gas canister fire. Another day in Israel's wild west occupation.

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  • WATCH: James Longley’s documentary “Gaza Strip”

    James Longley’s acclaimed 2002 documentary about life in the Gaza Strip is now available online for free. Much has changed in the Gaza Strip since 2001 but this documentary still stands out as one of the best films made about the conflicted territory. Regardless of your political persuasion, it is a must watch film about the region and you can do so for free. [vimeo][/vimeo] h/t Ali Abunimah

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  • The weight of nationalism in Nabi Saleh

    Getting to Nabi Saleh is not easy. The army closes all entrances very early on a Friday, the day which has seen demonstrations taking place for the past two years. This forces Israeli and international activists that wish to join the unarmed and largely nonviolent demonstrations to park kilometres away and hike through valleys and up small hills to reach the village. Israelis soldiers were inside the village long before the demonstration began on Friday, creating an uncomfortable air of uncertainly amongst villagers. Adding to the uncertainty were the aggressive comments of one particular group of soldiers who had taken…

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  • American woman hospitalized with head injury after WB protest

    A 60-year-old American woman was evacuated to an Israeli hospital this afternoon, after Israeli soldiers caused her serious head injury as they demolished a protest tent in the West Bank village of Izbet al-Tabib near Qalqilya. A Swede and two British activists were arrested during the protest.   Israeli soldiers, accompanied by bulldozers and other heavy machinery entered the village of Izbet al-Tabib south of Qalqilya earlier today, to demolish a protest tent set up yesterday by the villagers. The army began construction of a fence that would cut the villagers off from Highway 55, a major highway in the…

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  • Video: A putrid price for nonviolent resistance - the 'Skunk'

    How do I convey the smell of the ‘Skunk’?  Imagine rolling around the floor of a dairy farm for a few hours and the subsequent smell of your skin. A smell so overbearing that people can’t bear to be in the same room with you. Now, imagine that you can’t get that smell two weeks. This is the smell of the ‘Skunk.’ In the past year, the ‘Skunk’ has become a mainstay of West Bank demonstrations against the Separation Wall and Occupation. A non-lethal alternative to high velocity tear gas canisters and rubber coated steel bullets which still extracts a…

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  • When a Palestinian child becomes an enemy

    Last summer I found myself wading around a swimming pool in the middle of the scorching desert on a Kibbutz in the Negev. I had come to this kibbutz to see an old friend from high school. Over the past 12 years we have developed and maintained a close friendship despite clear political differences which, in this country, can easily destroy personal relationships. As we swam in the cool water, the topic of conversation turned to his reserve service. This friend of mine, let’s call him Avichai, had just finished a round of reserve duty in the Palestinian village of Ni’ilin,…

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  • Military court: Protest organizer to remain in jail, indefinitely

    Prominent Palestinian protest organizer, Bassem Tamimi, was ordered to stay in jail indefinitely by an Israeli military judge this afternoon at the Ofer military court in the occupied West Bank. His politically motivated trial will open on May 8th despite problematic evidence. Tamimi has helped lead unarmed and largely nonviolent demonstrations against the Occupation in his village of Nabi Saleh for over one year. The arrest of Bassem Tamimi, a 44 year-old protest organizer from Nabi Saleh and the coordinator of the village’s popular committee, was extended indefinitely today at the Ofer Military Court. Tamimi will remain in detention until…

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  • Israel: Itamar murderers have been found

    According to Israeli media, two Palestinians from the village of Awarta admitted killing five members of the Fogel family a month ago This text was updated. According to unconfirmed reports from a rightist Israeli site, the Israeli army has two Palestinian suspects in custody,  Amjed Awad and Hakim Awad, who have confessed to the brutal murder of the Fogel family in the settlement of Itamar last month. The website, claims that the suspects have confessed to murder during interrogation and re-enacted the crime for investigators. These reports are not confirmed, but the Arabic language news site, Ma’an is now carrying the…

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  • Two hospitalized following Awarta raid

    Despite Israeli media claims that a breakthrough in the murder investigation of the Fogel family is close, the village of Awarta continues to experience collective punishment. At about 2 AM on the night of 13 April dozens of soldiers entered Awarta as they have been for the past month. Soldiers targeted two homes, which were raided using force, arrested two men and caused the hospitalization of two women. Two houses were raided by Israeli soldiers in the middle of the night tonight at the West Bank village of Awarta. The soldiers entered the houses violently, knocking down the doors and…

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  • Israeli soldiers arrest Bassem Tamimi, coordinator of Nabi Saleh Popular Committee

    Bassem Tamimi, coordinator of the Nabi Saleh popular committee, was arrested when dozens of soldiers raided his house at noon today beating his wife and daughter in the process. Only yesterday the military court had ordered the indefinite remand of Naji Tamimi, another member of the Nabi Saleh population committee. Minutes after Bassem Tamimi entered his home to prepare for a meeting with foreign diplomats, dozens of Israeli soldiers stormed his house at the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh and arrested him. The soldiers tried to prevent Tamimi's wife, Nariman Tamimi, from filming the arrest, hitting her and trying…

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  • Nabi Saleh Popular Committee leader arrested in a night raid

    Nagey Tamimi (47), a leader of the Popular Committee in Nabi Saleh, was arrested last night during a raid on his home. Dozens of soldiers surrounded and entered his home at 1:30 am, roused Nagey from his bed and arrested him. He was blindfolded, handcuffed and taken away. At the same time, soldiers raided the home of Bassem Tamimi, another leader of the Popular Committee. Soldiers broke down his door and found his wife, a B'tselem videographer, standing by herself with a video camera. They attempted to destroy the video camera and search the house. Since Bassem was not at home,…

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