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military aid

  • With U.S. budget cuts looming, could aid to Israel be next?

    Israel's 'security assistance’ comes from the same pot of money as economic aid. With the White House promising cuts to that part of the federal budget, could we see a surprise reduction in Israel's share? Recent White House statements hint at a massive increase in U.S. military spending and a corresponding cut in the country’s foreign aid, a prospect that has prompted more than 120 top generals, among them former CIA director Gen. David Petraeus, to sign a letter urging members of Congress against the move. [tmwinpost] At issue is the so-called 150 Account, the line item in the federal budget tied…

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  • Trump's first steps on Israel/Palestine

    For starters: Make the $38 billion military aid package dependent on Israeli actions to dismantle the occupation, and recognize the State of Palestine already. By Sam Bahour Again, the Republican candidate in the U.S. presidential elections lost the popular vote but won the election. Such is a function of the mechanics of the U.S. flavor of democracy where not every vote matters; only votes in key states matter. Nevertheless, billionaire Donald Trump is heading to the White House. Trump’s ascent into the U.S. presidency will be the material for political analysts and historians, not to mention Hollywood, for many years to come. That…

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  • Challenging U.S. military aid to Israel

    I do not question whether there is a natural affinity between Israelis and Americans. I question, however, whether the nature of our friendship with Israel is coming at a larger cost not only to our interests but also to our values. At first I ignored the videos of people pouring ice on their heads. It seemed like a pointless stunt – like those old chain emails that demanded you forward the email to 10 others or something terrible would happen to you in the future. Soon enough, though, the Ice Bucket Challenge took over my Facebook feed and I had…

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