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  • 'Israeli cellular companies paid to squat on Palestinian land'

    The companies never even received permits to build antenna towers in the illegal West Bank settlement outpost of Migron, are now asking the courts to let them stay even after the settlement itself was demolished, Walla reports. Israel’s three major cellular companies, including the franchisee of Orange, paid rent to Israeli settlers who illegally established an outpost on privately owned Palestinian land, court documents show. [tmwinpost] For 12 years, Orange franchisee Partner Communications, Cellcom and Pelephone paid approximately NIS 200,000 to Israeli settlers in the illegal West Bank outpost of Migron in order to place cellular antennas inside the settlement,…

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  • The Israeli government's election gift to West Bank settlers

    Netanyahu tells supporters at a settlement campaign event that Israel will continue to build in the West Bank, as his Likud party competes with more hawkish parties for settler votes. Erekat calls for boycott, divestment in response. Less than a month and a half before general elections, the Israeli government published tenders for 430 new settlement homes in the occupied West Bank on Friday. The move could be interpreted as a gift of sorts to the right-wing electorate as the ruling Likud party fights for votes with the further-right Jewish Home party headed by Naftali Bennett. While Netanyahu has ruled…

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  • Migron evacuation proves Israel's land policy is political, not legal

    The question is whether Israel will ever realize that regardless of the somersaults it does to try and establish legitimate claims to to the land, its power will one day run out. So, Migron, the little illegal outpost that made big headlines in recent months, was finally evacuated in its entirety on Sunday, after years of legal battle and media commotion made over 50 families. News outlets made sure to report that the evacuation was carried out peacefully and with little resistance. Today's Haaretz editorial chose to point to the fact that although the affair is a "badge of shame for Israel," it…

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  • Gov't committed to saving illegal West Bank neighborhood

    Just weeks after the Supreme Court ruling against any further delay in evacuating the outpost settlement of Migron, the government is now working industriously to legalize or otherwise legitimize the status of Givat Ha'ulpana, a neighborhood of the West Bank settlement of Beit El, near Ramallah. In 2008, human rights organization Yesh Din petitioned to have the neighborhood dismantled on behalf of its Palestinian owners; in September 2011, the Court found that Givat Ha'ulpana was indeed built on privately-owned Palestinian lands – in simple terms, this is property theft. The state agreed to demolish the neighborhood (Hebrew) then, and the…

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  • Mounting criticism of bill to limit Supreme Court powers

    Justice Minister Yaakov Neeman's draft bill for the Basic Law: Legislation has prompted a lively debate for and against, mainly over the clause that would allow the Knesset to revive a law that the Supreme Court has ruled unconstitutional through a 65-member majority. On Tuesday, the new chief justice of the Supreme Court, Asher Grunis, delivered a sharp message against the bill, and openly criticized the Justice Minister for not consulting with the Court in drafting it. His reprimand was a strong statement for a judge who is considered to be conservative and skeptical of judicial activism. One intelligent critique…

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  • UPDATED: What is the status of the illegal West Bank outpost of Migron?

    UPDATE: On Sunday March 25, 2012 the High Court rejected the deal between the State and the settlers in Migron to delay its evacuation till November 2015. Instead they have set a deadline of August 1, 2012. The article below, posted earlier in the week, explains the status of illegal outposts and the background on Migron specifically.   There are approximately 50 outposts - essentially baby settlements - in the West Bank, all illegal according to Israeli law. Migron, established in 2002, is supposed to be dismantled by the end of March, 2012. So why isn't that going to happen?  By Max Schindler…

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  • Misogynist ad campaign exposes hypocrisy within the left

    By Anonymous I was sexually assaulted by a left-wing activist last summer. The perpetrator was – and still is – a guy with all the right credentials: post-colonialist, post-Zionist, anti-capitalist, and so on. Most significantly, he considers himself a feminist. Until he assaulted me, we were friends. I had met him through my involvement in radical leftist organizations. After the assault, it took me three full days to fully comprehend what had happened and give it a name. I couldn't make sense of what had happened to me, particularly because I couldn't fathom how someone who could speak to me…

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  • Panel on legalizing outposts includes settler with clear bias

    One of the members of a new government committee, which will look into the legalization of West Bank outposts, is a settler attorney who has already worked in the service of illegal settlements. The blatant conflict of interest is further proof of the clear desired outcome of the committee's work. By Fady Khoury Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced earlier this week the establishment of a committee that will examine options for legalizing illegal Israeli settlements and outposts in the West Bank. The selected members of the committee  are former Supreme Court Justice Edmund Levy, who will serve as the chairman of…

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  • MK on settler outposts: No civilized country demolishes homes

    As illegal settler outposts in the West Bank continue to circumvent law and only expand, Palestinian homes that have been around for decades longer are demolished over and over again.  This week, national-religious MK Zevulun Orlev (Habayit Hayehudi) was interviewed on an Israeli news show called London & Kirschenbaum about his proposal for a bill to legalize illegal settler outposts in the West Bank (yes, you read correctly -  to make legal what is illegal). The private bill, which has been tabled due to the Prime Minister's objection, would bar the state from demolishing and evacuating settler outposts in the West…

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