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  • Asylum seekers sent to Rwanda warn: 'If you don’t want to die, stay in Israel'

    Israeli officials often imply that African asylum seekers sent to Rwanda will receive legal status and the ability to build a life there. Testimonies collected in a new report paint an entirely different — and much grimmer — picture.  “I saw 400 people [in the Mediterranean]. They drowned […] many children died, I remember. I don’t have the strength to talk about it.” “[In the Sahara] people died and we buried them […] At night it returns to our head. It returns. I don’t want to remember. It wakes me up, what I saw, people dying, no food.” "[In Uganda] they…

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  • The earth belongs to the famished

    By Professor Minna Rozen Over the last 600 years, the Caucasian race has succeeded in prolonging its life expectancy and improving its quality of life. As opposed to prevailing myths in western society, it did not manage to do so just by using technological and scientific advances, but rather through the exploitation of Asia, Africa and South America’s wealth and resources. The white man took over large areas in these continents, robbing its natural resources and trafficking its inhabitants. And while this population of white people enjoys a surplus of food and other products for consumption, a larger living space,…

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