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Mideast politics

  • Alquds: Abbas is considering dismantling the P.A.

    According to Alquds newspaper, on September 14, President Mahmoud Abbas had a confrontational meeting with Tony Blair, the current Quartet envoy. During the meeting, which took place in Amman, Abbas presented Blair with a possible plan B should the Palestinian UN bid fails Alquds quoted Abbas as saying, "I will return to the Palestinian leadership, which will make a decision on whether the time has come for Israel to re-assume its responsibility as an occupying authority." He also said, "We will not keep the Palestinian Authority as a name." Yesterday, the Palestinian Authority president called upon the international community to recognize…

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  • Singing in a Strange Land \ Boney M Live in Ramallah

    If there's anywhere that scares Israelis, it's Ramallah. We have several good reasons not to go to Ramallah, even if we put aside the incident of the year 2000, in which two soldiers who lost their way and wound up here were killed by a mob. That event took place in the height of hostilities, immediately following the death of Mohamed A-Dura in Gaza. Still, it's a precedent, and many people here hate our guts. So there's one good reason not to visit Ramallah. especially at night. Ramallah is not the capital of streetlights. A second good reason not to…

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  • Away Game / watching the world cup in Beit Jala

    There's a place in east Jerusalem where the ramparts of the old city are only a few meters tall. A steep bluff renders scaling them difficult, but not impossible. I often dreamed of giving it a shot. Living in this country does that to the spirit. you see a wall, you want to get past it. There are plenty such walls to work the imagination. Last night, for example, we took a bus from a terminal directly across that bluff to the town of Beit Jala - a neighborhood of Bethlehem. Beit Jala lies immediately across the separation wall from…

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  • The Kaufmans Come Out in Full Force

    After years of sitting on the sidelines (well, let's face it - with two kids on your hands, there's barely enough time for anything) the Kaufman family decided to get off their cute little tushies and head down to the demonstration against Bibi and everything he stands for. Apparently I love Arabs - Lea a bit less. (Sign reads: I love Arabs - Ask me How) It was a nice turnout. Not as big as we had all hoped for. But a good start. Organizers said 20,000. Websites say around 7,000. I was especially impressed with the words of author…


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