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  • Italian Communists liken Merkel to Hitler

    Rome, Italy -- Ahead of last week's visit to the Italian capital by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Italy's Communist party put up posters likening Merkel to Adolf Hilter. Posters have appeared in a few spots in Rome portraying the German Chancellor Angela Merkel wearing an SS-style uniform, with a Euro-currency emblem on the arm patch in lieu of the Nazi (National Socialist Movement of Germany) swastika. The posters are credited to the Communist Party of Italy. As if the comparison wasn't obvious enough, someone clever went around with a marker and added in the Third Reich's leader's infamous mustache. The argument…

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  • Heads of Europe's biggest economies meet in Rome

    Rome, Italy -- Leaders from Germany, France, Spain and Italy meet in rare 4-way meeting to try to reach consensus on Euro crisis plan ahead of critical summit in Brussels. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, easily the biggest fan of the Euro currency among those who attended the so-called “Mini-EU Summit” alongside her on Friday - the heads of government from France, Spain and Italy – arrived at Rome’s Villa Madama Palace a little more reassured than she could have expected just one week ago. In recent days, voters in economically-troubled Greece chose a centrist, pro-bailout government just one month after…

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