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  • Netanyahu and the Mufti memes, part deux

    From The Simpsons, to Seinfeld to Joe Biden, Israelis keep poking fun at their prime minister for his comments earlier this week, in which he seemingly absolving Hitler of responsibility for the Holocaust. (See part one.) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shocked a good part of the population of earth when he seemingly absolved Adolf Hitler of responsibility for the Holocaust by saying the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, convinced him to initiate the Final Solution. This is what Netanyahu said in his speech to the World Zionist Congress on Monday: Hitler didn’t want to exterminate the Jews…

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  • Israeli memes mock Netanyahu's Hitler revisionism

    Netanyahu is claiming that the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was responsible for convincing Hitler to exterminate the Jews. Israelis and Palestinians are not letting him get off easy. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to the World Zionist Congress in Jerusalem Tuesday afternoon, where he claimed that until he was convinced by the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Hitler never actually planned on exterminating European Jewry. [tmwinpost] According to Netanyahu's curious reading of history, Hitler had only intended to expel the Jews, a plan that allegedly worried the Mufti, who was concerned that they would flee Europe for Palestine. Thus the Mufti…

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  • Ultra-Orthodox paper photoshops women out of gov't portrait

    Yom-LeYom, the official weekly of the Shas party, published the traditional group portrait of the cabinet and the president this morning — with one notable amendment: Ministers Miri Regev (Culture), Ayelet Shaked (Justice) and Gila Gamliel (Immigrant Absorption and, you guessed it, Gender Equality) were all airbrushed out. Here is the original: And here is the Shas version: Although there is no specific instruction in Jewish law that bans pictures of women, many ultra-Orthodox publications err on the side of caution so as not, um, lead their readers into temptation. Haredi media famously censored pictures of the Charlie Hebdo solidarity…

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  • Ariel students call for Obama protest - in comically broken English

    As I reported a few days ago, students from the recently-accredited Ariel University in the occupied West Bank are angry they were not invited to attend U.S. President Obama's speech in Jerusalem this coming Thursday. The U.S. Embassy denies claims Obama is boycotting the students, and stated that it simply invited students from those institutions it has partnerships or programs with. Ariel University students are nonetheless livid, and plan to hold protest what they are calling Obama's blatant political discrimination. Ariel University's Student Union posted a banner on its Facebook page Sunday and requested people make it their Facebook cover page. Here…

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  • Why I hate those Bibi memes

    They serve as Netanyahu's echo chamber, they divert attention from the real issues at hand and they disguise political desperation as internet-activism. Memes shouldn't be more than inside jokes, but nowadays they seem to lead the conversation.  On Thursday night, Ami Kaufman posted on this site a collection of memes dealing with the Looney Toons bomb Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu used during his UN speech. Posted before any other local or international news source, it was one of the most successful items our site ever had (over 3,000 likes and counting). But did these memes aid the public debate, or truly criticize…

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  • 'Nonexistent occupation' memes go viral in social media

    As soon as the news about the Levy committee findings hit the web, social media networks in Israel were swamped with memes making fun of the fact that apparently there was no occupation to begin with. Here are a select few (I might add some more later if I find any good ones).              

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  • WATCH: Bibi's true role in historical events

    Israeli activists and commentators got tired very quickly of Netanyahu pushing himself into every scene with released soldier Gilad Shalit today. Some of them went on Facebook to take the matter ad absurdum, by placing the prime minister in historic moments he had little real claim to. Like this, by Uri Streigold : Or this, by Noa Liberman-Plashkes: And obviously, this (by Gil Matus): But the one that takes the cake is this, published by sports writer Ouriel Daskal as "Exclusive - Gilad Schalit's X-Ray shot:"

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