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  • 'Thou shall not discriminate': New rules for Israeli journalists

    The Israel Press Council approves a change to ethics rules that forbids journalists and media outlets from discriminating against and excluding certain populations from their coverage. Among those opposing the change: the editor of ‘Israel Hayom’ and the publisher of ‘Haaretz.’ By Oren Persico The Israel Press Council last month approved a change to the Rules of Journalistic Ethics according to which media outlets should not discriminate against various population segments or exclude them from their coverage. The change, which was put forth by Union of Journalists in Israel chairman Yair Tarchitsky, was approved 14 to 4, with one abstention. Among…

  • How the public was manipulated into believing the teens were alive

    Details under gag order could have suggested early on that the abducted teens were murdered. The government-led campaign calling for their release helped the legitimacy of Israel’s military operation in the West Bank. Local and even international media played along. The following issue is not the heart of the kidnapping affair, the Israeli military operation or its aftermath -- but it does carry an important lesson, especially for journalists. The bottom line is this: the Israeli public has been manipulated. Details of the '100' call (the local equivalent of 911) and what investigators discovered in the car used for the…

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  • In Israel, the language in which you read dictates what you know

    The fact that a newspaper has both a Hebrew and an English edition doesn't mean readers are getting the same story. Translations are selective and emphasize different aspects of the same story - and the implications for reader knowledge is great.  By Sol Salbe The image you have of Israel depends on what you read. That's fairly obvious: the most conservative Palestinian media is still more supportive of the Palestinian cause than the most liberal Israel media. And there is a huge range of opinion within each sector. But with the popularity in recent years of English-language versions of Hebrew…

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  • War trauma, kid? Not if you're Asian

    The weekend supplement of Ma'ariv ran an exhaustive investigation of the effect the Palestinian rocket threat has on Israeli children living within their range. On the left is the "illustration" by one Ophir Bagon, which opened the story. On the right is the original photo. See the difference? And here is the pic as it first appeared, on Ma'ariv's front page just two months ago: h/t John Brown 

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  • Israel cancels marriage ad after angry response from US Jews

    The Israeli government on Friday announced that it would cancel immediately a group of television commercials introduced and paid for by the Ministry of Immigration, after the Embassy in Washington received a number of angry comments from American Jews. Speaking on CNN, Israel's American-born Ambassador to Washington, noted: The Ministry of Immigration has been charged, in its mandate, to bring Israelis home, and has various funds to do so. And in this case, the campaign did not take into account sufficiently American Jewish sensitivities. We regret that. But still, we are committed to trying to bring Israelis back home and…

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  • Police shut down Jewish-Palestinian radio station

    Kol Hashalom, which operates from Ramallah, was suddenly shut down on Thursday, based on what appears to be flimsy evidence A small radio station, “Kol Hashalom,” unique in that it was directed jointly by a Palestinian and a Jew, was abruptly shut down by the Israeli police on Thursday. Kol Hashalom, which roughly means "All for Peace," had been active for the last seven years. It was a joint venture of the Palestinian NGO Biladi and the Israeli NGO Jewish-Arab Center for Peace, and was directed by former Meretz MK Mossi Raz and Meissa Bransie-Senyura. The station broadcast from Ramallah,…

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  • Notes from Bahrain: Silence is the only option

    Late last month, the monarchy here in this small but significant Gulf kingdom, led by Hamad bin Khalifa, showed for the first time its willingness to budge, albeit slightly. It launched reconciliation talks with members of the opposition – both Sunni, like the royal family, and Shia, representing the majority of the non-royal population. To bring you up to speed, earlier this year, swarms of the latter took to the streets of the capital, Manama, to protest what they said was corruption, nepotism, cronyism and just flat-out theft from the public purse. They were met with violent resistance from security…

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  • Flotilla: Even state officials say Netanyahu, IDF spread lies

    According to government sources, the army doesn't have any evidence that the flotilla activists are planning violent resistance, yet it publicly accuses them of conspiring to murder soldiers The top story in two of Israel's leading daily papers yesterday was a bombshell: The IDF unveiled plans by flotilla passengers to kill soldiers trying to stop the ships from getting to Gaza. Yedioth Ahronoth, Israel's most widely read paper, ran a headline declaring "Flotilla activists set to kill," which was attributed to military sources (but only in the fine print). The story declared, "Intelligence information revealed violent plans." In the inside…

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  • US media more excited about peace talks than Israelis and Palestinians

    Take a look at today's front pages shown here. The one on the left is Yedioth Ahronoth's, Israel's leading tabloid. On the right is the New York Post. Yedioth's top story reads "wave of terrorism," referring to the two shooting attacks carried out by Hamas militants against settlers in the last 48 hours. On the bottom and on the right side of the page there are health, sports and other magazine stories. The only reference to the peace process is the quote in small print, on the top of the page. It reads: "Netanyahu: I came for an historic compromise."…

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