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mass deportation

  • Israel's secret deportation plan faces biggest challenge yet

    A petition on behalf of 119 human rights activists to Israel's High Court of Justice is the most serious challenge yet to the Israeli government's plan to deport tens of thousands of asylum seekers.  The Israeli government’s plan to deport tens of thousands of African asylum seekers may face its most serious hurdle as the country’s High Court of Justice hears a challenge to the deportation plan, slated to begin in two weeks. The deportation plan is based on an agreement between Israel and Rwanda, which Israel insists must remain secret and which Rwanda has denied even exists. [tmwinpost] Supreme…

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  • Senior Israeli gov’t minister warns Palestinians of ‘third Nakba’

    Tzachi Hanegbi, a close ally of Netanyahu, threatens Palestinians with ethnic cleansing in response to the latest round of violence. A senior minister in the Israeli government and a close ally of Prime Minister Netanyahu warned the Palestinian people over the weekend of mass expulsion and ethnic cleansing if they don’t put an end to the current round of violence. [tmwinpost] "Remember 1948” and “remember 1967,” Regional Cooperation Minister Tzachi Hanegbi wrote in a statement posted to Facebook on Saturday, responding to the murder of three Israeli civilians inside their home in the West Bank settlement of Halamish the night before.…

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