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  • Exclusive: Leaked copy of Donald Trump's speech at Masada

    Donald Trump is set to arrive in Israel in just under two weeks, and reportedly wants to deliver a major speech at Masada. A draft of the speech was leaked in advance, and we are pleased to publish it here. Obtained by Idan Landau What a tremendous view! I'm sure the Jews had a fantastic feeling when they chose this location 2,000 years ago, amazing location. And the fact that I’m speaking to you today in the place where the Jews defeated the Romanian Empire, it’s unbelievable. Look at where you are today, and where the Romanians are. Just look…

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  • The Beaten Path: Looking the other way at Masada (part 10)

    Contrary to the strict Israeli narrative, Masada is really what you make of it: it can be the site of a majestic palace, the place where Jewish rebels committed mass suicide, a backdrop for an opera or a tourist attraction complete with the golden arches of a local McDonald's. Part ten of Yuval Ben-Ami’s journey through the Holy Land’s most popular tourist sites. A story for you all. Several years ago, the Tel Aviv-based Israeli Opera decided to launch an opera festival at Masada. Its intention was to use the mountain (and the palace that sits atop it) as a dramatic…

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