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Martin Dempsey

  • Tenderizing the opposition to war with Iran

    Barak/Netanyahu - they are "one hand" - are presenting an Israeli attack as an inevitability. It seems the die has been cast - Netanyahu and Barak have decided to bomb Iran in a matter of months, as Ronen Bergman concluded in the New York Times Magazine - and now it's time to close ranks around the decision. This is my impression from the continual news stories about Israel's plans for Iran over the last couple of days. The clearest sign came from former IDF chief Gabi Ashekenazi, who apparently defected from Meir Dagan's antiwar camp. "When the moment comes, I don't know if we won't be alone, and for this reason Israel…

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  • Chair of Joint Chiefs of Staff Dempsey won't let 'holocost' happen again

    Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has been on a visit to Israel in the last few days, apparently trying to make sure the government doesn't make any hasty moves against Iran - without U.S. approval. The Americans have every right to be a bit jumpy and nervous on this issue, seeing as how Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said more than once that he will not allow a second Holocaust, when referring to the Iranian nuclear program. Or maybe I should use the now-infamous Bushism "nookular," seeing as how Bushisms are apparently not unique…

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