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Mark Regev

  • The making of a hasbara superstar, Israel's new ambassador to the UK

    For the past decade Mark Regev has become Israel's preeminent government mouthpiece. Now, as the world prepares to mark 50 years of occupation, Netanyahu appoints a hasbara heavyweight to represent him in the UK. By Yoni Mendel I’m not sure Mark Regev is a name Israelis are too familiar with. But around the world he seems to be one of the people most closely identified with this country, and certainly with its recent governments. A Google News search for “Mark Regev” produces only 180 results in Hebrew, but roughly 12,000 in English. Pretty bizarre for a man who worked so closely…

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  • What if Hamas fired rockets at Britain?

    When Israeli spokesmen defend the IDF's actions in Gaza by asking what you would do if rockets rained down on your home, the example of Northern Ireland can serve as one response.  By John Jackson Over the last weeks Israeli government spokesmen have provided cover across international TV and radio airspace for their military onslaught in Gaza. They’ve tried their best to respond proportionately, even when a small minority of irritating journalists insists on asking questions about the massacre of children. However, there have been times when these spokesmen had no other choice but to wheel out the big gun, set…

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  • According to BBC, Israel has no capital - but Palestine does

    If you go to the BBC's website to read about the countries participating in the upcoming London Olympics, you'll get some interesting information on Israel and Palestine. According to the BBC sports page's profile on Israel, it simply has no capital, whereas Palestine does have one, in East Jerusalem.   The Israeli Foreign Ministry is of course up in arms. Prime Minister Netanyahu's Foreign Press Adviser and Spokesperson Mark Regev sent a letter to BBC's Middle East Bureau Chief  Paul Danahar yesterday, expressing his "dismay" at the British network's "discriminatory" behavior: While Israel declares Jerusalem to be the “undivided capital of Israel,” the United…

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  • Israel's African problem: An interview with Mark Regev

    The full transcript of an interview with Mark Regev, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's official spokesman, on the African refugee problem in Israel. In light of the recent events concerning Sudanese refugees in Israel and the outburst of violent demonstrations in Tel Aviv, I have decided to publish an interview I conducted with Israel’s Mark Regev on April 2 to better understand the government position in regards to the African refugees in its borders. The interview, which was conducted for an article I was writing in Rolling Stone magazine, took place shortly after a court injunction was placed on the Israeli…

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  • Izzie in HolyLand - Part 12: The Press Conference

    Regev: Ms. Holyland, it's time to go. Izzie: Shut up Mark, I know it's time to go. Don't push me around, it's my ass they're gonna grill out there - not yours. Regev: Sorry, Ms. Holyland. But look at it this way: we're prepared. We have answers for everything. Just look at the papers if you forget something, everything's there. Izzie: Almost everything. There's still that one question we don't have an answer for. One question that could ruin the whole thing, you dimwit. Regev: Well, maybe they won't ask it... maybe they'll forget. Izzie: Jesus, I'm surrounded by morons. I'm not doing…


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