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Manara Square

  • Palestinians in Ramallah protest PA sanctions on Gaza

    Thousands of Palestinians demonstrate in central Ramallah, calling for Mahmoud Abbas' ouster in the face of the Palestinian Authority's sanctions on the Gaza Strip. Protest organizers say this is only the beginning. Palestinian protesters marched through the streets of central Ramallah on Sunday to demand that the Palestinian Authority put an end to its sanctions against Gaza, and called for an end to the siege on the Strip. [tmwinpost] The protest, organized by local left-wing activists unaffiliated with any specific parties, focused on PA President Mahmoud Abbas. The demonstrators marched from Manara Square in the city center while chanting “Get out, get…

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  • Palestinians rally to end division in the wake of the Egyptian uprising

    Roughly 400 people attended a demonstration in Ramallah's Manara square this afternoon calling on Palestinians to end division within the society under occupation. The demonstration was organized by PNGO (The Palestinian NGO network). While the demonstration was not held under the banner of solidarity with Egyptian and Tunisian uprisings, it is clear that the uprisings are starting to have an effect on the Palestinian street. Demonstrators specifically called on PA President Abbas and Hamas leader Haniya to end factionalism and division in Palestinian society. The Israeli Occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, the longest military occupation in modern history,…


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