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  • Three flags in Madrid: Impressions of a demo

    No sooner than arriving at the grand "storm the Congress" demonstration in Madrid did we begin making comparisons to demos back home. The cause, after all, is similar if not the same, and Israel's J14 movement took much inspiration from Spain's M15. These days, anger is reawakening on Spain's streets, with a major difference: here, in Madrid, there's a huge demonstration, the third in a single week. There, in Tel Aviv, there isn't. This was not, however, an altogether peaceful summer, not at all. This is the summer in which Israeli police turned extra violent against social justice protesters, arresting…

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  • Thousands protest austerity measures in Spain

    Madrid – In Spain on Thursday, yields on the country’s five-year bond reached a 16-year record high as the Conservative government tried to convince investors and European finance ministers that Spain can properly handle its budgetary crisis. The news came as tens of thousands of protestors took the streets in some 80 cities across the country, angry at the country’s recent austerity measures. Puerta del Sol is a popular Madrid plaza, filled with shops, cafes and, on Thursday, thousands of demonstrators from all across the capital region. A march that began less than one kilometer away ended steps away from…

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  • Report: J14 tents to be dismantled after "Million people" protest

    The Israeli website NRG says the J14 movement is considering to call on all tent camps to dismantle after the Saturday mass demonstrations; and could J14 and M15 jump over the pond? 1. NRG is reporting [HEB] today that J14 leaders are contemplating the dismantling of tents across the country and moving on to the next phase of their struggle. Comparisons to Madrid and the M15 (May 15th) movement have been made for some time now. The Spanish "Indignados" also reached a conclusion that sitting in the squares had a certain life span to it, and eventually picked up their bags…

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  • Puerta del Ha'bima: The Spanish revolution reaches Israel

    Five weeks after seeing the demonstrations in Madrid, Hagai El-Ad is filled with hope that the passion is finally coming to Israel By Hagai El-Ad The people were ecstatic. The energy was left. The air - and the crowds - were hot. It was one of the most uplifting demonstrations I've ever participated in. And, it was quite clear: it could never happen here in Israel. Five weeks ago in Madrid, my vacation there happened to run into one of those demonstrations. So powerful, energetic and passionate, one simply couldn't walk away. Only one thought, though, clouded the spirit: the…


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