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  • Hiding the occupation doesn't make it go away

    A proposed law, said to be supported by Netanyahu's government, would criminalize videotaping Israeli soldiers doing the dirty work of the occupation. But hiding something from sight doesn't make it go away. Or does it? If an Israeli soldier beats a Palestinian and no one is there to catch it on video, did it really happen? That is the question a group of Israeli lawmakers seems determined to find out. A new bill, proposed by four members of Avigdor Liberman’s far-right Israel Beiteinu party, would make “videotaping, recording, or photographing Israeli soldiers carrying out their duty with the intention of…

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  • Remembering Dina Goor, graceful human rights revolutionary

    Few people can say that they changed direction later in life and started an influential human rights organization. Dina Goor didn’t stop at just one. She believed in her ability to change and influence and called on everyone in her world to join her. By Alma Biblash and Libby Lenkinski (Excerpts from Dina's interview with Just Vision in 2008. Filmed by Mickey Elkeles. Interviewed by Julia Bacha.) When we watch this video, our hearts fill with the heartbreak of missing her. Dina Goor was an elegant woman made of fire. When most people think about retirement, they start planning…

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