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Lynsey Addario

  • Correction: Lynsey Addario was not humiliated by IDF soldiers

    The media rose in uproar after Lynsey Addario was humiliated when crossing the Erez Crossing into Israel. Basically all of the media, +972 included, attributed the beastly behaviour to the IDF. Well, I’ll be the last person to defend The Green Beast, but they’re not behind this particular odious incident. A reader on my Hebrew blog pointed out that the Erez crossing, as well as some other major checkpoints, are no longer manned by the IDF, but rather by something called the Checkpoint Administration. A long series of phone conversations later, it turns out the reader was correct. The IDF…

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  • IDF treats pregnant NYT journalist "cruelly" at Gaza crossing

    News sources reported during the day on the humiliating harassment of a foreign journalist by IDF soldiers, as she tried to enter Israel from a Gaza crossing. According to IDF radio (Hebrew) and the Jerusalem Post, Pulitzer Prize-winning, veteran photographer Lynsey Addario, working for the New York Times, was returning to Israel after an assignment in Gaza. The 27-week pregnant Addario – who just last March experienced the horror of being kidnapped and sexually assaulted at the hands of Qaddafi loyalists in Libya – contacted Israeli authorities responsible for the Erez crossing before arriving, asking and receiving approval to be…

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