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live fire

  • Israeli soliders open fire on Gaza protesters seventh week in a row

    One Palestinian killed and dozens evacuated to Gaza hospitals after Israeli snipers open fire on the Great Return March for the seventh consecutive week. By +972 Magazine Staff [This post will be updated as events unfold.] Israeli forces fired live ammunition and tear gas at Palestinian protesters on the border with Gaza for the seventh consecutive week. Part of the 45-day Great Return March, which began on March 30, the demonstrations are set to culminate on May 15, Nakba. [tmwinpost] At least 15,000 Palestinians took part in Friday's protests in several locations along the Gaza-Israel border fence. Israeli soldiers killed one…

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  • Israeli soldiers open fire on Gaza protesters fourth week in a row

    Israeli forces reportedly kill at least four protesters and wound over 400 with live ammunition and tear gas during Gaza Return March demonstrations on Friday.  By +972 Magazine Staff Israeli forces opened fire on protesters participating in the Great Return March on Friday for the fourth consecutive week. The Great Return March, which began on Land Day, March 30, is a 45-day series of events planned to culminate on May 15, Nakba Day. [This post is being updated as events unfold.] Update: 7:10 pm Palestinian and Israeli media reporting that four Palestinians have been killed during today's protests in Gaza, among them…

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  • Why does Netanyahu think he can stop rock throwing?

    If live ammunition hasn't stopped stone throwing in the West Bank, what makes the prime minister think it will work in Jerusalem? The one thing we can be sure the change in policy will do is kill more Palestinians.  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants security forces to start shooting Palestinian stone throwers. During the First Intifada, which included a lot of rock throwing, then defense minister Yitzhak Rabin also tried to stop the phenomenon. The future Nobel laureate’s answer was an order to “break their bones.” [tmwinpost] There were a few problems with that tactic. Firstly, it didn’t work.…

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  • Beitunia killings: Autopsy reveals Palestinian teen shot by live fire

    An autopsy of Nadim Syam Nuwara, one of the two teenagers killed last month during the Nakba Day protests in Beitunia, reveals that that the teen was killed by live fire, according to a report by Israeli human rights organization B'Tselem. According to B'Tselem, Nuwara’s body has been well-preserved, making the point of entry and exit, as well as the route of the bullet, easily identifiable. Although the report is slated to be released in the next several days, doctors have rejected the possibility that the cause of death was rubber bullets, and are fairly confident that the bullet entered…

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  • PHOTOS: Palestinian worker shot by Israeli soldiers near Gaza border

    Israeli forces shoot a Palestinian worker near Gaza's northern border in just the latest of many incidents of live fire against civilians posing no security threat. Text and photos by: Ryan Rodrick Beiler/ On Monday morning, Israeli forces shot and injured Palestinian Nizar Abdallah Al-Wan as he and six companions began salvaging building materials near Gaza's northern border. Al-Wan was shot in the foot, and had to be taken by donkey cart to an area accessible by ambulance. He was treated in a Beit Lahiya hospital, and because the bullet passed through his foot without causing serious damage, he was…

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  • WATCH: Private Israeli security guard attacks protesters with live fire

    Israeli private security opens live fire on unarmed Israeli and Palestinians demonstrators. Army arrives and throws tear gas on the demonstrators. This morning, roughly 40 unarmed Palestinians among with four Israelis, held a demonstration at an illegal Israeli quarry built on the land of the villages of Ni'ilin and Budrus. As the demonstrators approached the quarry they could see an Israeli private security guard screaming at them from a small distance. Within seconds, the guard opened live fire on the protesters. He even took time to aim at individual protesters. The below video was shot by one of the activists on the scene. According to eyewitnesses, within…

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