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  • Surviving the ups and downs: Israel's first Arab-Jewish school turns 30

    For three decades the school at Neve Shalom/Wahat al-Salam has taught our children how to grow and become adults with a cohesive national and human identity, without fear of the other. Today, however, the future looks as uncertain as ever. (Translated from Hebrew by Rivka Einy) Atop a small mountain in the Latrun area lies the village we chose to establish a small family. Located between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, the Arab-Jewish village goes by the name Neve Shalom/Wahat al-Salam. A few weeks ago, the village hosted an emotional and beautiful event to mark 30 years since the opening of the village school. All of…

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  • WATCH: IDF does not want you to see what occupation looks like

    According to Guy, an Israeli Ta'ayush activist and documentarian of occupation in the South Hebron Hills area of the West Bank - there has been an increase in incidents over the last month in which Israel Defense Forces soldiers have been preventing him and other Israelis from filming what goes on. In this 7-minute video, edited together from footage taken just over the last few weeks, between February 23 and March 9, IDF soldiers - as well as high-ranking officers - are seen blocking camera lenses over and over by shoving their own smart phones in front of them. This…

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  • Soccer racism finally takes a hit in Jerusalem

    Over the violent protests of its fascist fan club, Beitar Jerusalem makes good on its promise to bring two Muslim players onto team. A small victory over racism, but a victory nonetheless.  Even if it's a drop in the ocean, it's a pretty big drop: the Beitar Jerusalem soccer team, symbol of Israeli racism at its rawest, has been integrated with Muslim players - and it was done, in a manner of speaking, over the dead bodies of the team's fascist youth movement, La Famiglia. The turning point came in the middle of the night last Thursday when arsonists torched…

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  • Why the inconvenient truths of the Nakba must be recognized

    By Tom Pessah Limor Livnat was furious. The minister of culture was speaking at a Knesset discussion about the Independence Day arrests in Tel Aviv, following an attempt by a small non-profit called Zochrot to commemorate the Nakba, the Palestinian catastrophe of 1948. The Israeli police surrounded the Zochrot office in central Tel Aviv, preventing the activists from exiting. One person spent a night in jail for reading aloud the names of destroyed Palestinian villages from a history book. But Livnat’s anger wasn’t directed at the police, but rather at those arrested: I went in with my iPhone to the…

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  • Min. of Culture urges Tzavta Theater to ban Mohammad Bakri

    In response to Desmond Tutu’s call on the Capetown Opera Company to cancel their 2010 tour in Israel, director Michael Williams said, “arts and academics are never the right place to boycott.” These words jumped into my mind this week as I read of the organization Im Tirzu’s demonstrations against actor and director Mohammad Bakri, and the urging of Minister of Culture and Sport Limor Livnat to ban Bakri from Israeli stages. At present, Bakri is in rehearsals for an interpretation of Frederico Garcia Lorca’s 1936 play, The House of Bernarda Alba, which will run at Tzavta Theater. The participants in…

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  • To the Knesset: How dare you not vote on the boycott bill

    I know that most of our dignified and thoughtful elected representatives are ashamed that the ignominious "boycott bill" would even be debated in our proud democracy. I know this because so many of them – 35 in total – protested by refusing to show their faces at the vote. Only 85 of our 120 members dared to take part, and 37 of them voted against. I am thrilled therefore to report that the clear majority of our parliament – 73 members – did not vote for it. I am even more proud to imagine that 35 of my elected representatives…

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  • Knesset goes after artists who didn't serve in the IDF

    What’s wrong with the "military service shirkers" bill? Well, just about everything The Ministerial Legislation Committee is scheduled to debate tomorrow (Sunday) a bill by MK Moshe Matalon (Yisrael Beitenu), which prohibits government support of artists who are “military service shirkers” (Mishtamtim, in Hebrew). In explaining why the bill is essential (Hebrew document), Matalon says: “The spread of the phenomenon of evading one's duty of serving in the IDF is critically supported by celebrities, particularly of the arts and sports fields, who undoubtedly serve as a role model for the youth, and who are unwilling to let a contribution to…

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  • My Prime Minister described me as a backstabber

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said something of note today. During a cabinet meeting he criticized the artists boycotting the new centre for the performing arts in the settlement of Ariel.  This is nothing new. He and others have criticized them before, and culture minister Limor Livnat even proposed a law that would force them to appear in Ariel, cutting funds to any cultural institution that would refuse orders to entertain West Bank settlers. What was different was the wording: "I've been involved in founding the Ariel centre," boasted Netanyahu, Haaretz reports, "Unfortunately I was abroad when it opened and so…

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