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light rail

  • Jerusalem's light rail: Judaizing and privatizing public space

    Activists disrupt the operation of the Jerusalem Light Rail to protest the deal with the operating company, which effectively bans public gatherings in Zion Square in the heart of West Jerusalem.  By Sahar Vardi A few hundred Israelis attempted to reclaim their public space in Jerusalem on Saturday evening. Over a month ago, as Israel's social justice movement, widely known as "J14", was gearing up to renew its regular demonstrations, a request was submitted to the Jerusalem police for a permit to hold a demonstration in Zion Square. This is the main square in the heart of West Jerusalem's city…

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  • 'Scuffles' between Israelis, Palestinians on Jerusalem's light rail

    Jerusalem is one of the  focal points of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and its architecture of settlement is one of the most profound examples of Israel’s control over Palestinian sovereignty. Since the 1967 conquest of the eastern parts of the Jerusalem as well as the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Sinai Peninsula, Israel has moved quickly to ensure its control by building settlements and roads which make a Palestinian state impossible. The latest effort of creating ‘facts on the ground’ is the Jerusalem light rail which runs from Mount Herzl in West Jerusalem to the settlement of Pisgat Zeev in the eastern…

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