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Levy commission

  • Shhhhhh, we’re annexing

    A new position paper by human rights organization Yesh Din looks at steps being taken by the Israeli government toward the de facto annexation of the West Bank. By Yesh Din, written by Yossi Gurvitz Last week Yesh Din published its position paper, “From Occupation to Annexation,” which deals with the way the Israeli government is implementing the conclusions of the Levy Commission Report without any public debate or even an official government decision — a process which is dragging Israel into de facto annexation of the West Bank, without granting the annexed people their rights. [tmwinpost] First, we must distinguish between…

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  • The left should take pride in 'delegitimizing' the occupation

    We must let go of the fear that we will delegitimize ourselves. We must risk being ostracized by our communities and friends, and say: Yes, we deny the legitimacy of the settlements. Yes, we want to delegitimize the occupation.   By Caroline Beck Last week, a protest letter signed by 40 leaders of the American Jewish community and initiated by the Israel Policy Forum was sent to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, urging him not to adopt the recommendations in the Levy Committee's report. In the letter, they said that the report's recommendations, if adopted, would jeopardize Israel's credentials as a democratic state, and harm the chances of achieving a two-state solution.…

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