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land confiscation

  • WATCH: Palestinians and Israelis fight land West Bank land grab

    Several weeks ago, Israeli activists tried to reach the Palestinian village of Izbat Tabib to take part in protests against land confiscations. The Israeli army had decided to uproot hundreds of Palestinian olive trees in order to build a settler road. Soldiers would not let the activists' bus pass through the checkpoint, declaring the area a closed military zone. But the activists eventually found a way to reach the village, helping the Palestinians place signs on trees marked for uprooting. That same evening the army raided Izbat Tabib. The next day, dozens of trees were pulled out of the ground. Related: PHOTOS: Israeli authorities uproot olive…

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  • PHOTOS: Palestinians plant trees to defy Israeli land confiscation

    Palestinian farmers and volunteers plant olive trees to protest an Israeli military order to confiscate Palestinian land for one of the most extreme settlements in the West Bank. Photos and text by Ahmad al-Bazz / The Israeli army on Thursday tried to prevent some 50 Palestinian farmers and volunteers from planting olive trees and tilling the soil in their agricultural lands in the West Bank village of Asira Al-Qibliya, near Nablus. The activity was organized to protest against the recent Israeli military order to confiscate over half an acre of private Palestinian land for the nearby settlement of Yitzhar for “security…

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  • Israel is pulling the West Bank out from under Palestinian feet

    With over 14,000 demolition orders issued against Palestinian structures in Area C since 1988, Israel is maintaining a vast system of control-by-threat that at once dispossesses and undermines social stability. Israel has issued over 14,000 demolition orders against Palestinian structures in Area C of the West Bank since 1988, according to a new report released by the UN's humanitarian agency. Nearly 3,000 demolitions have been carried out in that time, leaving more than 11,000 orders outstanding that affect over 17,000 structures. OCHA-oPt, the UN's Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in the occupied Palestinian territory, derived its report from figures…

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  • Has the IDF found a way to climb down the Susya tree?

    Up against extraordinarily harsh diplomatic pressure from its closest allies, Israel seems to have found a way to save face without creating too much of a fuss — at least temporarily. With more or less the entire Western world warning Israel not to demolish the Palestinian village of Susya and forcefully displace its residents, it is no surprise that the Israeli army might be seeking a way to climb down the tree it is stuck on. So how does one announce that it might not demolish that village which it has been claiming for years has no right to exist?…

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  • The many denials of liberal Zionism

    From its origins until today, liberal Zionism has been unable to reconcile Israeli policies of dispossession and military control with the image of a democratic state. Is it merely a matter of semantics, or inherent to the ideology? Part two of Ran Greenstein's analysis. By Ran Greenstein As discussed in the previous part of this article, liberal Zionists like Arthur Ruppin and Hans Kohn responded in divergent ways to the challenge of reconciling broad universal values with narrow Zionist aims. What they shared with other activists and intellectuals, though, was full realization of the costs involved in their choices. This…

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  • 'Land isn't enough; the army takes olives, too'

    I teach writing at a Palestinian university in the West Bank. Several of my students have been gracious enough to share their experiences with +972, albeit anonymously. This is the second of four short essays. Read part one here. I went with my family to our olive groves in order to pick  olives. We went there full of happiness. When we arrived each one of us took his pail and stared to pick olives. We raced to see who could pick the most olives as quickly as possible. When we finished in the afternoon, the Israeli soldiers came and forced…

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  • Just another interrogation: My encounter with the Shin Bet

    For one Palestinian citizen of Israel, interrogations by the Shin Bet are a routine which include delays and harassment for no apparent reason. By Awad Abdel Fattah I was fortunate this week. I had a quick and easy crossing from Jordan back into Israel. No delays, no questions, no invasive body searches and no lengthy rummaging through my luggage. The border guard sitting next to the computer took my passport, opened it and looked at the screen, presumably to check for any special alert. Unlike previous occasions, she didn’t leave her seat and disappear into another room to take instructions on…

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