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  • Persecuted Turkish academics get a rare solidarity visit from Israel

    Turkey has put dozens of academics on trial for terrorism charges — for signing a petition supporting peace with Kurdish citizens. A group of dissident Israeli academics traveled to Istanbul to attend their trials. It’s not uncommon to run into a political protest in Istanbul. What you probably won’t find every day is a group of Israelis invited to Turkey to join a demonstration outside one of Istanbul’s main criminal courts, particularly after nearly a decade of frayed relations between the two countries. [tmwinpost] The Israelis, four members of a group called “Academia for Equality," were there in a show…

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  • Pro-Kurdish leader: 'We extend our hand to the Palestinian people'

    Despite President Erdoğan’s control over the Turkish media and political persecution of minorities, the pro-Kurdish 'Peoples' Democratic Party' has managed to become the third largest party in the country's parliament. Günay Kubilay, one of its highest-ranking members speaks to +972's Hebrew-language sister site, Local Call, about incitement and violence, Turkey's disintegrating democracy, and the link between the Kurdish and Palestinian struggles. By Avi Blecherman (translated by Danielle Alma Ravitzky and Saar Yahalom) I arrived at the headquarters of the Peoples' Democratic Party in Ankara after a short taxi ride. “You'll see how it’s hard to miss the small and somewhat hidden street you're…

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  • PHOTOS: Kobane refugees dream of home in Turkey's refugee camps

    Though hundreds of thousands of refugees have fled the city of Kobane over the past months, some of them insist on making the dangerous journey home to retrieve what was left behind. Text and photos: Faiz Abu-Rmeleh / Hundreds of thousands of Kurdish and Syrian refugees have fled the city of Kobane in northern Syria over the past months due to attacks on the city by Islamic State forces. Approximately 40,000 residents have fled the city, around half of them crossing the border into the Turkish border town Suruc, where they currently live in refugee camps. Turkish authorities and…

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  • Surviving winter after surviving ISIS: A testimony by a Yazidi refugee

    Since the beginning of August, an estimated 350,000 Yazidi internally displaced persons (IDP) have been living in villages, towns and various refugee camps in Iraqi Kurdistan, Syria and Turkey. While most of those who found refuge have taken shelter in local school classrooms, construction sites or under bridges, the IDPs who have been placed in refugee camps were housed in tents, some of which were provided by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Last week, as the first rains hit Iraqi Kurdistan, the Yazidi refugee camps quickly became mud traps. Should refugees not be put in caravans, these camps could…

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  • The Kurds must not be abandoned again, this time to ISIS

    If there are any people on earth who deserve the world’s protection from slaughter, it is the Kurds. Despite the stereotype of Mizrahi Jews in Israel resenting Arabs because of the way they were treated in the old country, there are plenty of Mizrahim who have good memories of their relations with their former Muslim neighbors. However, there is no Mizrahi community in Israel that feels a kinship with their Muslim former countrymen like the Kurdish Jews do. Today ISIS appears to be on the verge of slaughtering the people in the town of Kobani, the heart of a Syrian…

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  • Why Israel must help the Kurds in Iraq

    The Yezidis are presented in mainstream accounts as mere props in a play entitled, ‘Militant Islam and its horrors in the Middle East.’ But the story of the Kurdish people is much more than just a scene — or cannon fodder — in an IS exhibition of horror. A Kurdish Jew in Israel calls on her government to save her brethren.  By Idan Pink-Avidani Kurds have no friends but the mountains.. Dear friends and whoever is reading this. Please stop posting negative news and instead pray for #Peshmarga and have faith in God. We Kurds never harmed any nation and never…

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  • +972 blogger detained in Turkey while reporting on Syria

    This post has been updated. Roee was released at around 4 a.m. local time.  I am writing this from a Turkish police center in Ceylanpinar. Located in eastern Turkey along the border with Syria, it is in Urfa province and it's population is mostly ethnic Kurdish. My television crew and I were filming along the border about the Kurdish divide and Turkish fears in Ankara about a power vacuum in northern Syria. Two secret police spotted us filming from a rooftop the Syrian town - in full Kurdish control, meaning no Syrian troops or rebel fighters in sight. It is…

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  • Why a strike on Iran could amount to a suicide mission

    By Jalal Nali The failure of diplomatic efforts aimed at providing Tehran with incentives to suspend its uranium enrichment in exchange for a transparent civilian nuclear program under the supervision of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) supervision has the international community worried that Tehran can no longer be engaged in meaningful negotiations. Suspicions are multiplying exponentially about Iran’s secret agenda of building nuclear weapons, suspicions that were confirmed back in May 2011 after UN inspectors found traces of highly enriched uranium on equipment from research centers linked to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. Pragmatically-minded Sunni monarchies belonging to the Cooperation…

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