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  • The ‘ultimate deal’: Trump’s coming obsession with Palestine

    Many fear that a Trump presidency will, by default, favor Netanyahu and his policies. But if Trump’s past statements on Israel are precedent, what will matter more is whether the 'dealmaker' gets to broker the ultimate deal. We’re not even a week in, and the panic is palpable. “Trump Election Already Bad News for Palestinians,” reads one headline. Settlement construction will surely spike. “The era of the Palestinian state is over.” But for even the most casual observer of the Middle East, these pronouncements are nothing new. And despite the official statements from Jerusalem and Ramallah, the leaders of Israel…

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  • Let's fight women's oppression without demonizing ultra-Orthodox

    The struggle against women's oppression is one thing, but painting an entire group as barbarians in the name of 'enlightened' ideas is another thing.  One can argue over whether asking a woman to move seats so that an ultra-Orthodox man does not have to sit beside her is a legitimate request. Clearly, the trend to remove women from public spaces has to be resisted. But to characterize this confrontation as "the war between light and darkness" is wrong. [tmwinpost] The incident in question, which took place on El Al flight 028 from Newark to Tel Aviv was seemingly minor: a flight attendant asked an…

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  • When an Israeli soccer game looks like a Klan rally

    It's hard to say which is worse - the behavior of racist fans, or the tacit approval they get from Israeli sports officials and media. I like to think that if you discount for the century of fighting with Arabs, Israel is still plenty racist, but no more than most societies. I remind myself that even the absolute worst display of Israeli racism - the chanting of monkey noises ("hoo-hoo-hoo!! hoo-hoo-hoo!!") and the throwing of bananas at black players during soccer games - has been going on in Europe, too, and probably elsewhere. But what happened this week to Nigerian-born…

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