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kind abdullah of jordan

  • Jordan's Prime Minister sacked days after phone call with Hamas

    +972's Omar Rahman asks, "What will Hamas do with its new political capital?" Well, it didn't take long to find out. Jordan's King Abdullah has asked the country's Prime Minister Marouf Bakhit to resign, effective immediately. This, after 70 out of 120 of the country's MP voted in a no-confidence motion against Bakhit over a 2007 casino corruption charge. He had only been in the post since February, replacing the previous leader who was also removed for being too "pro-business" in the eyes of the many. While Jordan has been one of the handful of Arab countries in the region…

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  • Jordanian king: "We have fought Israel more than once, we're calm"

    King Abdullah II of Jordan used some harsh words against Israel yesterday: "Jordan and Palestine's future (prospects) are stronger than Israel today and that it is the Israeli who is afraid now. When I was in the United States, an Israeli intellectual talked to me and said that what is going on in the Arab world is in the best interest of Israel; but I answered him and said: on the contrary; your situation today is harder than ever before. "We support the Palestinian people right to a Palestinian state; our political stance did not and will not change and…

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