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  • Nobody should be a number: Names of those killed in Gaza

    At the time of writing, Israeli air strikes and shelling had killed dozens of Palestinians since the start of Operation Protective Edge. There had been no deaths on the Israeli side. Some of those killed by Israel were Hamas and Islamic Jihad militants, others were civilians, including women and children. The Israeli army has been bombing the family homes of militants, which it claims were also being used for military purposes. Many of the children killed thus far were related to individuals whose homes were targeted. All too often, casualties on both sides of this conflict are remembered only as…

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  • 2013 was a deadly year in Israel-Palestine

    Regardless of how they were killed, by whom, how it was justified or who mourned them, each person who died in the Israel-Palestine conflict this year has a name. Last year, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lambasted EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton for daring to mourn together in the same breath the killings of Jewish schoolchildren in France and Palestinian schoolchildren in Gaza. Legally speaking, of course, there was a difference. But legal and even moral arguments only affect the killer. Categorizing deaths does very little, if anything, to ease the pain of families in mourning, regardless of if or…

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