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Khalil Shikaki

  • 'Israel's nightmare? Mass nonviolent protest on the Gaza border'

    Dr. Khalil Shikaki, director of the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research and one of the most well-respected Palestinian analysts, talks about the strategy of the Gaza return march and what to expect in the coming weeks.  By Meron Rapoport Gaza’s “Great Return March” has the potential to change the Palestinians' strategy. If Hamas can ensure that the protests remain nonviolent and bring 100,000 people to the border to demand freedom and an end to the siege, it will be a nightmare for Israel — and a serious challenge to the status quo. [tmwinpost] This is what Dr. Khalil Shikaki, director…

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  • As two-state solution appears less likely, support for it keeps dropping

    A new poll of Palestinians and Israelis finds that with symbolic incentives, a majority on both sides can be convinced to support a two-state solution. But time is only eroding support for two states across the Green Line. For years, a majority of both Israelis and Palestinians supported a two-state solution in principle. After years of atrophy, large swaths of both societies now believe such a resolution to be impossible. That doubt strongly corresponds to sliding support for two states. If that trend injures the prospects for peace, the next finding of a recent survey of Israeli and Palestinian attitudes…

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  • Public opinion roundup: Is Palestinian support for violence falling?

    A vast majority of Palestinians polled in recent surveys say they or their families have seen a negative economic impact from the latest wave of violence. And while most Palestinians feel deeply alienated from their leaders in both Fatah and Hamas, a strong majority remain committed to the democratic process. Dahlia Scheindlin follows up her analysis of recent Israeli polls. Four months after the start of the wave of stabbing attacks and killing of perpetrators, Palestinian support for the violence may be waning, according to a recent public opinion survey. In the first few weeks of October 2015, when a…

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  • Polls: Israelis despair of peace, Palestinians have other priorities

    New polls show most Israelis supported last summer's Gaza war, are not interested in taking in Syrian refugees, and agree with Netanyahu on the Iran deal.  At the start of a Jewish New Year, Israelis took stock of their lives in a series of polls. The highest circulating newspaper, the free right-wing daily Israel Hayom, wrote flashy headlines on the cover of its holiday supplement about what “Israelis” think, but conducted its survey only among Jews. Haaretz’ survey included Arabs but not politics, instead posing fun questions about life habits and some public issues, while ignoring the conflict. The Peace…

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  • Occupation increasingly a touchstone for Israeli-German relations

    After 50 years of diplomatic relations, the Israeli-German partnership is strained by mounting German dismay over Israel’s settlement policy and reinvigorated anti-Semitism in Germany. By Angela Gruber Israel and Germany are marking 50 years of diplomatic relations this week. While most people probably aren’t reeling with excitement in anticipation of the countless festivities (especially on the German side) to mark the occasion, the anniversary does serve as a good occasion to take stock of the relationship between these two countries. [tmwinpost] Can Israeli-German relations ever be normal? Should they, after the Holocaust? Is Israel more entitled to German support than…

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  • Israel's mainstream Channel 2 starts to question the two-state solution

    What does it mean when the Israeli mainstream elite questions the two-state solution, which up until now has enjoyed practically unquestioned stature in Israeli society? An analysis. Israel's Channel 2 aired a lengthy item (starting around 30 minutes in) on Friday evening, asking a shocking question: Is the two-state solution still viable? This question is already a cliché among various shades of the Left. It started some years ago when desperate two-state activists hoped the Israeli public could be frightened by the encroaching concept of one state, to get a move-on with two-state negotiations. When that didn't happen, a more…

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  • Palestinian pollster: UN declaration may be last chance for Abbas

    "It’s very clear that the public wants a real state, not just a state in name. The public is willing to pay the price." Palestinian pollster Khalil Shikaki explains why a unilateral declaration of statehood  may be the last chance Palestinians give to their current leadership, and the dilemmas Palestinians face come September. As September approaches, this is the moment to understand what the Palestinian people are thinking. What will the potential statehood declaration mean for them? What are their hopes and fears? And perhaps the question on everyone’s mind is – what do they plan to do? Will there…

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  • Palestinian elections: Recent polls show mixed signals

    In terms of Palestinian democracy, there is no question that calling Presidential and Parliamentary elections for September 2011 (and maybe local elections) is the right thing. Postponed since 2009, holding elections can only strengthen the democratic culture and the legitimacy of state authorities. Holding regular, free elections in a non-state entity is actually an important part of state-building in other non-recognized states. In free and fair elections, such entities both choose leaders, but also signal internally and externally that the leadership is serious about its statehood project. But there are many questions about who would win. Horse race polls this…

  • End of year poll updates: Israel and Palestine

    Here’s a summary of some of the top quality polling being done by Israelis and Palestinians, about Israelis and Palestinians. From masses of data, I’ve selected highlights addressing two main themes: the Israeli Palestinian conflict, and the state of democracy in both societies. All the data comes from sources I trust. I use names or abbreviations of the surveys, and full information about each is at the end of this post, with links where possible - there's plenty more on most topics that might interest readers of this post. Since I’m drawing from different surveys, the questions are not identical…

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