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Khaled Mashal

  • Hamas' new charter reveals a willingness to change

    Despite what the usual media critics may say, Hamas' new charter is evidence of a movement in flux, and one that — when the need arises — allows itself to be guided by pragmatism. By Menachem Klein For a moment, before the familiar flood of mainstream news commentators will completely deny the obvious changes in the new Hamas charter, it’s worth stopping and thinking: If there’s no change at all, why have senior officials been debating the new version for many long months? If everything is empty words, what’s to debate? In reality, what looks like standing water to Israelis…

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  • The victors of the Gaza war were also the losers

    Who came out of the Gaza war the victors, and who were the losers – or, rather, who lost more and who lost less? By Talal Jabari Another ceasefire between Israel and Hamas-led Gaza ­– this time costing more in terms of life and property than the last time. It will probably cost less than the next time; 2016 if the trend stays constant. At the end of any battle, it makes sense to step back and look at the bigger picture. You want to assess who won and who lost – or at least who lost more and who…

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  • War is the new system of governance (and five other Gaza takeaways)

    The status quo of the occupation has reached a new level of violence and destruction, but there is no political power in sight that can impose a change on the ground. 1. Israel paid more than it expected for a bit less than it wanted. Israel’s strategic goal in this war was to maintain the status quo on the Palestinian issue. Prime Minister Netanyahu outlined this notion from the first days of the war, when he presented his ceasefire formula: if Hamas stops shooting, we stop shooting. Israel got most of what it wanted, but at a greater price than expected,…

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  • Gaza war: It's about keeping the Palestinians under control

    Israel has been waging a single war since the mid-70s. Its goal is to avoid sharing power or assets with the other people living on this land. The Gaza war wasn't about creating a new order, but about maintaining the old one.  At the time of this writing, Operation Protective Edge has come to an end and the ceasefire between Hamas and Israel is delicately holding. Though indirect talks are taking place in Cairo, reports from the negotiations indicate an Israeli refusal to lift the siege on Gaza. Hamas has vowed to fight on if the ceasefire doesn't hold, but…

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  • Jordan's Prime Minister sacked days after phone call with Hamas

    +972's Omar Rahman asks, "What will Hamas do with its new political capital?" Well, it didn't take long to find out. Jordan's King Abdullah has asked the country's Prime Minister Marouf Bakhit to resign, effective immediately. This, after 70 out of 120 of the country's MP voted in a no-confidence motion against Bakhit over a 2007 casino corruption charge. He had only been in the post since February, replacing the previous leader who was also removed for being too "pro-business" in the eyes of the many. While Jordan has been one of the handful of Arab countries in the region…

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  • Hamas condemnation of Bin Laden's killing: Bad PR

    While Israel was observing Holocaust Remembrance on Monday, the US was celebrating the killing of Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan, seen to be a huge success for the US Administration and a victory for the victims of the September 11, 2001 attacks. The news certainly brought a very patriotic mood to New York, and according to New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg, "New York City's spirits has never been stronger." Hamas, fresh off its reconciliation agreement with Fatah, made a statement condemning the killing of what they call a "holy warrior." Most Islamic countries have not made statements about the killing,…

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