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  • The world's obligation to end the occupation

    Israeli-Palestinian relations do not solely belong to Israel. The international community has a right and an obligation to intervene. By Ilan Baruch Right-wing propagandists have been quick to take credit for the outcome of the UN Security Council vote on Tuesday, which rejected the Palestinians' resolution to unilaterally end the occupation, rather than through negotiations. The resolution won the support of eight out of 15 members of the Security Council — just shy of passing. However, a closer look at the votes shows that there were neither winners nor losers in New York. The Palestinians won the support of the…

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  • Analysis: The end of the 'cheap occupation' era

    Israel may soon have to say goodbye to its tight-knit cooperation with the Palestinian Authority and the relative calm that comes with it.  The discovery of the bodies of three Israeli teens who have been missing for the last 18 days, along with the public calls for vengeance heard in Israel today, could mark the beginning of a new era in the West Bank – one that is considerably less stable. This might not be a third intifada but it is also not the relative calm or the close military coordination Israel enjoyed over the last five to six years.…

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  • Putting a halt to the 'assembly line' of Palestinian prisoners

    Rather than arguing over the 'gestures' of releasing long-term prisoners, Israel must use restraint during arrests in the West Bank, while ensuring fair and swift procedures in the military courts. (Translated by Ofer Neiman) One of the main factors behind the failure of the recent round of Israeli-Palestinian talks was Israel's decision to cancel the release of 26 Palestinian prisoners, which had been agreed upon as a goodwill gesture to the Palestinian Authority. The issue of prisoner release, whether in the framework of negotiations or in the framework of prisoner exchange deals, touches on very strong sentiments on both sides. For…

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  • When the 'Times' calls for Kerry to move on, what does it 'really' mean?

    If the Grey Lady is calling for Washington to reconsider its role as enabler of the occupation, then it is indeed a new approach -- perhaps even a revolutionary one. A couple of days ago, a New York Times editorial called on the Obama administration to divert its attention away from the Israeli-Palestinian diplomatic process, which is failing to bring results, and onto other global issues. While congratulating Secretary Kerry and President Obama for the energy and time they have put into the process, the Times concludes that “after nine months, it is apparent that the two sides are still unwilling…

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  • Kerry-Abbas meeting canceled; effort to extend talks faces hurdles

    The American-led peace process appears to be on the verge of collapse. The American-led peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians may not be extended after all. Following Israel's refusal to, or delay in releasing the remaining 26 Palestinian prisoners due to be freed during the negotiation period, PA President Mahmoud Abbas announced in a speech in Ramallah Tuesday that he would renew the Palestinian effort to join 15 international organizations and treaties. Secretary of State Kerry, who was due to return to the region on Wednesday in order to finalize a deal to extend talks through the end of the…

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  • The diplomatic process: There might be no Kerry proposal

    Trying to satisfy Netanyahu’s political needs might result in the Americans 'missing the moment of opportunity,' says a former Israeli official. The diplomatic process between Israel and the Palestinian Authority is at a crossroads as the American team, led by Secretary of State John Kerry, is said to be preparing an outline for a final-status agreement. President Obama will meet Prime Minister Netanyahu and PA President Abbas in the coming weeks and later in the month, the American proposal will probably be made public. However, there is no official publication date and it is not clear what would such a…

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  • Channel 10: Obama refused to confront Netanyahu; Kerry proposal emptied of content

    Israeli media reports that Kerry's peace framework is being watered down. The White House pushes back. In its Sunday evening news broadcast, Israel's Channel 10 reported on one reason for the diminishing ambitiousness of an American final-status framework proposal, which Washington expects to present to Israel and the Palestinian Authority in the coming weeks. According to senior reported Raviv Druker, President Obama decided not to let Kerry confront Jerusalem, thus forcing his secretary of state to present a vague paper that both parties can live with, and to even allow them to submit their reservations to the American proposal. "The [Kerry]…

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  • The peace process: Where are the grassroots movements?

    The Israeli debate over the Kerry initiative has an unpleasant top-down feeling to it. By Tal Schneider Is it only me who feels that the debate regarding a possible peace agreement with the Palestinians exists mostly among PR companies (from both sides), copywriters and graphic designers? I feel that there is zero grassroots activity and a maximum amount of billboards. The fight between different advertisers was featured prominently on the front page of Haaretz on Wednesday, January 29th. On the upper left corner one can see the new campaign by Breaking the Impasse, under the title  “A strong state signs a…

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