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  • Who framed pilot-turned-activist Yonathan Shapira?

    "A concerned citizen" and a radical rightwing MK claim to have found in trash bin an air force helmet and some secret documents belonging to Yonatan Shapira, a former IDF pilot and one of the most recognized anti-occupation activists Israeli news site Ynet is running today an exquisitely odd story, seemingly incriminating former Air Force pilot and prolific activist Yonathan Shapira. According to Ynet, a "concerned citizen" helping a friend repair a flat noticed a strange bundle in the trash bin. As a "reservist of 16 years" he was "shocked and appalled" to discover in the bundle a pilot's helmet, secret navigation documents…

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  • Remembering a Tel Aviv childhood: when racism was wrong

    By Oded Feller After the anti-immigrant demonstration in South Tel Aviv ended, I decided to hang around. I went to the market, walked down Etzel Street, watched the people on the Hagana Road, turned to Yigal Alon, and kept walking as far as Hilhel Avenue. Evening came and the avenue was calm and silent, its sights and smells familiar and soothing. Nowhere in the world can you feel like this; nowhere but home. I sat on a bench. About an hour ago, MK Michael Ben-Ari (National Union) roared from the podium: "I am not a guest here, in this neighborhood.…

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  • NGO demands that police investigate toddler's death from tear gas

    There has been a development in the case of an 18 month-old baby who died, apparently due to tear gas inhalation, during riots in East Jerusalem on Friday (24 September). The Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI), the Israeli equivalent to the ACLU, is demanding that the police investigate the incident. In Israel and the occupied territories, the deaths of Palestinian civilians caused by Israeli security forces are almost never investigated. This is true particularly if the Palestinians are residents of the West Bank or East Jerusalem, although no police officer was ever convicted following the events of October 2000,…

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