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  • Living inside an invisible cage: Welcome to Nabi Samuel

    'To bring in gas we need a permit. To bring in sacks of flour in we need a permit. And when we get a permit, we arrive at the checkpoint and they tell us we have no permit.' By Moriel Rothman There are only 10 homes left in the small Palestinian village of Nabi Samuel, just northwest of Jerusalem. The remaining families are fighting an uphill battle to continue living in their homes. As its name indicates, Nabi Samuel is home to the proclaimed burial site of the Prophet Samuel. In the 11th century, Christian crusaders built a fortress and…

  • WATCH: 'My Neighbourhood' - the human impact of settlements in Sheikh Jarrah

    Just Vision's Peabody Award winning film, My Neigbhourhood (directed by Julia Bacha and Rebekah Wingert-Jabi), tells the story of Mohammed El Kurd, a Palestinian teenager in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah whose family is forced to share a section of their home with Israeli settlers. Mohammed comes-of-age in the midst of unrelenting tension with his neighbors and unexpected cooperation with Israeli allies in his backyard. The struggle against evictions of Palestinian families in Sheikh Jarrah returned this week as the Shamasneh family stands to lose its home, which would be the neighborhood’s first eviction since 2009. An Israeli…

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  • PHOTOS: Israeli army attacks event for launch of graphic novel in Budrus

    The Israeli military interrupts the launch event for a new graphic novel created by the makers of the documentary film 'Budrus.' Text by: Jessica Devaney, Photos by: Oren Ziv/ Just Vision launched an Arabic graphic novel at the Budrus Girls School on Thursday. Created by Irene Nasser and based on the award-winning documentary, Budrus (directed by Julia Bacha), the graphic novel looks at the unarmed movement in the village through the eyes of 15-year-old Iltezam Morrar. Starting this summer, Just Vision’s outreach team will use the graphic novel to engage Palestinian youth in discussions surrounding the significance of women's role…

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  • No happy ending: Film documents the struggle in Sheikh Jarrah

    Just Vision's latest film is a moving snapshot of the Palestinian plight with Israeli settlement policies in an East Jerusalem neighborhood -  and the Israeli Jews that raised awareness about the issue by protesting there. While there is no happy ending, the movie introduces audiences to some of the Palestinians and Israelis who found themselves taking part in a common struggle.  On several occasions during the winter of 2009-2010, I joined a small group of Israeli protesters who walked on Friday afternoon from downtown West Jerusalem to a demonstration in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah. They carried red…

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  • WATCH: Films explore human side of Sheikh Jarrah protest

    The affluent Palestinian East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah has become, in the words of one observer, the new battleground of the Israeli left. By now, most readers of +972 are familiar with the story of struggle and dispossession which has typified the Sheikh Jarrah protest movement. In early 2009, Jewish settlers, backed by American-funded organizations like Ateret Cohanim, won a long court battle over ownership of a number of Palestinian houses in Sheikh Jarrah. Siding with the settlers, the Israeli government decided to evict waves of Palestinian families from their homes, claiming that Jews owned the houses before the founding of…

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