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Jordanian Palestinians

  • Israel to release hunger-striking Jordanian national from admin detention

    Heba Al-Labadi, a Jordanian national of Palestinian descent, has been on hunger strike for 41 days to protest her detention without indictment or trial. She was arrested by Israel while traveling from Jordan to a wedding in Jenin. Heba al-Labadi, a Jordanian citizen of Palestinian descent, who has been on hunger strike for the past 41 days, will reportedly be released from Israeli administrative detention this week. [tmwinpost] Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi tweeted that his country had reached an agreement with Israel for the release of Al-Labadi as well as of Abdul Rahman Miri, another Jordanian citizen in administrative detention. Prime…

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  • Three generations after the Nakba, still struggling to define home

    For Madlaine Ahmad, born and raised in Doha to Palestinian parents with Jordanian citizenship, the answer to 'where are you from?' is never simple, and always seems to be wrong. By Madlaine Ahmad I changed my Facebook profile picture the other day. It was a photo of a fair woman covered in gold and henna. It would have been clear to anyone from bilad al-sham (the Levant) that she was from the Gulf region, where women dress up a certain way. “How beautiful,” one person remarked. The comment that followed, by a Palestinian friend, surprised me: “Women are beautiful, but…

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  • No, there is nothing 'Israeli' about Jordan's gold medal olympian

    A number of Israeli websites preferred to forget the fact that Palestinian-Jordanian olympian Ahmad Abu Ghosh's family comes from a village conquered by Zionist forces in 1948. How much nonsense can go into a single news item? The answer is, unfortunately, a lot. Nothing has angered me recently quite like an article published by the news site Virtual Jerusalem with the following headline: "Palestinian with Israeli Roots Wins Jordan's First-Ever Olympic Medal." That Palestinian olympian is Ahmad Abu Ghosh, 20, who was born in the Al-Nasser refugee camp to a Palestinian family from the village of Abu Ghosh (which according to…

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