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Jonathan Polard

  • The real reason Jewish-American spy Jonathan Pollard is back in the news

    Pollard is scheduled to be released in November. The issue for Israel is whether the U.S. will allow the Jewish American to move to Israel, where Washington fears he would be given a hero's welcome. The 30-year saga of convicted spy Jonathan Pollard is once again gaining serious attention in the Israeli, American and international news media. The reporting, most of which appears to be directed speculation, is focusing on whether Pollard will be released in late November or sooner, and whether a decision in Washington to release him early could be part of some sort of quid pro quo aimed…

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  • The one-state plan according to Israel's top settlement council

    Though it is the establishment opinion that two states will happen, those opposing it are literally executing a plan to kill it. By Joel Braunold With President Obama visiting Israel, many groups are trying to get his attention so they can let the president know what they think he should do. Included within the pleas from the peace camp and the ‘Free Pollard’ camp is a document prepared by the Yesha Council titled, “Judea and Samaria – It’s Jewish, It’s Vital, It’s Realistic.” Questions answered within this Kafkaesque document include: why the demographics are on the settlers’ side, why the Palestinians…

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