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Jodi Rudoren

  • 'New York Times' on Jerusalem violence: What occupation?

    Bureau chief Jodi Rudoren’s new article doesn’t even rise to the level of false moral equivalence. I don’t like to pile on in the left-wing criticism of the New York Times’ coverage of Israel/Palestine; as a rule I find it irritatingly “even-handed,” equating the violence of the subjugator with that of the subjugated, but this, after all, is a big step up compared to the coverage by so many other American media, which simply see the Palestinians as the aggressors and Israel as fighting back in self-defense. But yesterday’s article by Jerusalem bureau chief Jodi Rudoren about the violence in…

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  • How journalists become complicit in Gaza's suffering

    Reporters seize upon the list of Gaza's most recent victims, only to parse their death certificates for proof that they, too, did not deserve to die. "Journalism," wrote the Swedish war correspondent Stig Dagerman, "is the art of coming too late as early as possible." The dictum resounds in Gaza, where an eight-year Israeli siege – which has left this land all but unlivable – went woefully underreported well before Gaza was is in the throes of war. As Palestinian families again count their dead, that journalistic negligence, say human rights workers, leaves much of the reporting here dangerously devoid of context. One…

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  • Netanyahu’s incredible spin: How they once more speak of 'Palestinian rejectionism'

    The 'conflict of narratives' hoax wins the day. You've got to hand it to Bibi – he is the master of micro-politics. What he lacks in vision he makes up for with details. He is also becoming very good at setting the media's agenda, something he wasn’t able to do in either his first term or the first couple of years of his second term. The “Jewish State” demand has effectively cornered Abbas into a familiar position: the Palestinians will reject a generous Israeli offer, without actually being offered anything. This has turned out to be the most incredible turn of…

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  • 'The New York Times' investigates a Palestinian hobby

    You thought Palestinians throw stones because of the occupation? Think again. The New York Times on Sunday published one of its most out-of-context items from the West Bank in recent years - and it has published many of them. The piece consists of a study of "the culture of stone-throwing,” which apparently has become part of Palestinian life, in the same way that Friday dinners are part of Jewish life or Sunday walks in Central Park are part of New York life. The head of the paper's Jerusalem bureau, Jodi Rudoren (who has written decent pieces in the past), traveled to…

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  • J Street and Zion Square engage 'Pro-Israel' question

    I write a lot about the term "pro-Israel," since it is a highly-charged and problematic term used often with impunity. Regardless of what I think it means, it is clear that it is a subjective term that is often attempted to be passed off as an objective one. Even just saying that a working definition of "pro-Israel" is support for the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish state is unclear and debatable and thus demands qualification. So it is important to be critical of its usage and continue to ask the questions: what does it mean to support Israel?…

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  • New NYTimes J'lem bureau chief accused of bias against Likud

    The demand that the New York Times new Jerusalem bureau chief - who has yet to take up her post here -  be “unbiased” towards the Netanyahu government is the height of 'chutzpah' Jeffrey Goldberg, the former IDF prison guard and self-appointed gatekeeper of all things Jewish and Zionist, is not happy with the incoming New York Times Jerusalem bureau chief, Jodi Rudoren. He has two problems with her. The first, and most important, is that Rudoren had the temerity to read Peter Beinart’s new critical book about Israel and, lo and behold, support it. Goldberg whines that she is…

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