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Jewish terrorists

  • Torture ruling unites right and left, but leaves justice by the wayside

    Both left and right-wingers hailed a decision by an Israeli court to throw out parts of confessions provided by two Israelis suspected of a murdering a Palestinian family because they were obtained through torture. The shared satisfaction across political camps is rare. It is also flawed and worrying. Both left-wing and right-wing voices lauded an Israeli court on Tuesday for throwing out parts of the confessions provided by two Israeli Jews suspected of a lethal terror attack against a Palestinian family, because they were obtained through torture. In the middle of the night in August 2015, attackers set fire to the Dawabshe…

  • Stop calling it 'Jewish terror'

    Let's stop calling those who have bombed, shot, or burned Palestinians 'Jewish.' Let's call them what they really are: Israeli. By Yonatan Englender Israel is a country that is quick to appropriate every phenomenon or activity that takes place within it, from the success of its tech entrepreneurs (in whom the state did not invest even a single shekel) to the successes of its athletes (for whom the state did not provide even the most basic conditions for adequate practice). Even environmental disasters and car crashes are quickly turned into national events. [tmwinpost] Therefore, it is a bit strange that we refrain from referring…

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  • A year since the Duma murders: Navigating justice and pain

    A year after losing his parents and baby brother, six-year-old Ahmad Dawabshe returns to Duma for the first time. At court hearings for the accused murderers, settler youths taunt the remaining family members. A journey through an unimaginably painful year. “I know you spent a lot of time with the Dawabshe family in the hospital,” said the activist who called me last week. “I need your help.” It’s been a long time since I visited them, I told her. Sunday marks one year since the tragic arson attack, and the images started flashing through my head: how I found myself heading…

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  • More and more Israelis are being imprisoned without trial

    Out of 402 people Israel was holding in administrative detention at the start of November, at least 31 were citizens or residents of Israel. Over the past decade, Israel has held 3,761 people without trial. By Noam Rotem Israel held at least 31 of its own residents and citizens in administrative detention during the month of November, according to a Knesset Research and Information Center report obtained by +972’s Hebrew-language sister site Local Call. That is a very large number when compared to the number of Israelis who have been held in administrative detention in recent years. [tmwinpost] According to…

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  • 'Jews can’t be terrorists,' Jewish Home MK says

    'When you push an entire population up against the wall, when you demonize them and trample their rights, [the situation] will explode in the end,' the Israeli parliamentarian writes with no sense of irony. Jewish Home MK Bezalel Smotrich, a member of Israel's ruling coalition, penned an oped on Wednesday arguing that Jews cannot be terrorists. The two labels are mutually exclusive, he argued. “Terrorism is only violence carried out by our enemies in the framework of a war against us,” Smotrich wrote in settler news outlet Arutz 7, "us" referring to Jews. (Hebrew) “Anything else is a serious crime,…

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  • Why the Left must oppose administrative detention for Jewish terrorists

    Using administrative detention on violent settlers has far more to do with a state seeking to restore its monopoly on violence than equality, Palestinian safety or an end to the occupation. By Moriel Rothman-Zecher Jewish extremists are suspected to have been behind the heinous murder of an 18-month-old Palestinian child in the West Bank last week. Following the murder, Prime Minister Netanyahu branded the perpetrators “terrorists.” Opposition leader Isaac Herzog proclaimed that “Jewish terrorists” should be treated just like “Islamist terrorists,” saying they should be held in administrative detention and that their families’ homes should be demolished. This was not just…

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  • Punitive home demolitions are racist — and just plain wrong

    Law abiding societies do not exact punishment on uninvolved parties. And it certainly doesn't look good when the families of Palestinian terrorists are harmed while the homes of Jewish terrorists are left standing. One such punitive demolition leaves nine innocent people homeless Wednesday morning. “Do not discriminate between blood and blood,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tuesday night, calling for international condemnation of a murderous attack inside a synagogue that morning. Moments later, he announced the steps he plans to take in response to the senseless bloodletting. “This evening I ordered the demolition of the homes of the terrorists…

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