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Jewish racism

  • WATCH: Israeli teens brandish racism after Palestinian children die

    Israeli youth today has no fear of saying what it really thinks about Arabs. The youth featured in the video below are not only are they happy when children die, but one girl said she has no problem with taking a weapon and killing innocent Arabs February 16, 2012. A bus full of kids north of Jerusalem hits a truck and turns over. Kids are burned to death in the fiery crash. As the reports start to surface, so does the ugly Israeli. On Facebook, on the news sites. In the street. You can’t miss it. First it starts with…

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  • In speech to hawkish US Jews, Netanyahu omits major threats

    Attention American Jewish leaders: In outlining the  major threats facing Israel, the prime minister patronized you by leaving a few out, which I'm sure you must be well aware of.   Last week on Sunday evening, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed leaders of the hawkishly-led Conference of Major American Jewish Organizations, who were on a visit as part of their Annual Leadership mission. In making his diplomatic and primarily fundraising bid to this acquiescent crowd, Netanyahu pointed to four chief challenges that Israel faces (Entire transcript of Netanyahu's speech can be found here.) We face four great challenges. They're a lot. They're…

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  • Nobody mentions the Jewish Brotherhood

    Israelis bemoan the alleged rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, ignoring their own local variety While Israelis pay plenty of attention to the fear of the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, they steadfastly ignore the rise of the Jewish brotherhood in their own country. The motto of the MB is “Islam is the solution”: faced with the failure of modernity in the Arab world, they want to step back into an imagined past of a pure Islamic rule – Sunni Islamism, of course. This interpretation of Islamic history has little relation to Islamic rule as it was…

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