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Jerusalem Pride stabbing

  • Jerusalem mayor believes collective punishment is key to coexistence

    How does one go about fostering neighborly relations in Jerusalem? It's very simple, according to the city's mayor: curfews, closures, concrete blocks and lots of police. Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat regularly holds forth about how his city’s various demographics can rub along in peace and quiet. Back in July, in deference to the city's ultra-Orthodox population, he announced he wouldn’t attend Jerusalem’s Pride parade. Barkat's decision, taken so as not to "harm" Jerusalem's Haredi community, came one year after an ultra-Orthodox man was so outraged at the presence of LGBTQs in the city that he stabbed six people at the same event, murdering…

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  • Homophobia rears its ugly head in Pride month in Israel

    'Sick,' 'perverts,' 'abomination,' 'blasphemers,' 'handicapped': Hate speech against Israel's LGBTQ community has reached fever pitch this week, and comes as police have detained queer activists and the High Court has capitulated to homophobia. The last seven days in Israel have been particularly hostile for the country's LGBTQ community. A steady stream of homophobic slander from nationalist and ultra-Orthodox rabbis has been bookended by two major pride parades facing serious threats and calls for counter-demonstrations. [tmwinpost] The sequence of events began with Be'er Sheva's pride parade, slated to take place Thursday last week. It would have been the southern Israeli city's first march, in lieu of…

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  • Pride parade stabber found fit to stand trial

    Yishai Shlissel, the ultra-Orthodox man arrested for attacking marchers at Jerusalem's Pride Parade for the second time, has been declared mentally fit to stand trial — again. Yishai Shlissel, the ultra-Orthodox man accused of murdering a teenage girl and injuring five other people in a stabbing attack at the Jerusalem pride parade last month, was declared mentally fit to stand trial on Wednesday. Jerusalem police were expected to charge Shlissel with murder and several counts of attempted murder. Shlissel has refused legal representation, saying that he does not recognize the court because it does not follow the rules of Torah. [tmwinpost] This is the…

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  • Seven Nights 3: Sidewalks and playgrounds

    Part three. In which old friends reunite and talk about leaving. For other nights click here. Some time after sunset, the muezzin at Jaffa's Abu Nabout mosque called for prayer one last time. Meanwhile, protesters at the nearby Clock Square stretched a clothing line across the street. On the line hung baby clothes, reminders of the baby Ali Dwabsheh, who was burned alive. I crossed the street to take a photo, then returned to the side where the other protesters stood, almost tripping as I did over a bundle of clothes made to look like a dead Palestinian baby. Had…

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  • Who will pay the price for the Jerusalem Pride stabbing?

    After today's stabbing, it is unthinkable that life will go on as usual. Especially when the people who fuel hate and incitement still roam the city. By Yael Marom In Jerusalem, everything has gone back to normal. The streets are full of people and cars, apathetic toward the crime that took place here just a few hours ago, when six people were stabbed during the annual pride parade. Instead of going out into the streets, instead of demanding that Benzi Gopstein, the head of the racist "Lehava" organization who protested against today's parade and called it an "abomination," instead of…

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