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  • The bigoted rants of Shmuley Boteach, 'America’s rabbi'

    If any gentile in America wrote about Jews the way he just wrote about Presbyterians – for any reason – he or she would be ostracized from public life for good. So many pro-Israel Jews are coming down on the Presbyterians as anti-Semites because of their divestment vote, which is a slander. But why aren't any of them calling out Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, "America's rabbi," for the bigotry he has been spewing? From his Jerusalem Post column a few days ago: The rotting corpse of the Presbyterian Church got another nail in its coffin with the vote on Friday ... Now the…

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  • JPost editorial: Leftists bring Africans to Israel in order to undermine Jewish majority

    The Jerusalem Post, which has a history of unbelievable editorials, has done it again. "The world's leading Jewish paper" claims that the arrival of African refugees is part of a conspiracy by left-wing NGOs, meant to undermine the Jewish majority in Israel. Don't look for proof for those claims; even JPost admits that there is none. Here's the money quote: Many of these NGOs are striving to undermine the character of Israel as a Jewish state by fighting to keep as many African migrants as possible in Israel and by encouraging more to come. But they rarely declare their true…

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  • 'Jerusalem Post falsely claims Russian democracy activist made anti-Semitic remarks'

    Just days before the Moscow mayoral election, opposition leader Alexei Navalny is accused of 'toasting the Holocaust' at a gathering. It never happened.  By Vera Krichevskaya On the morning of August 27 I opened my Twitter account as usual, and the first thing that caught my eye was a tweet with a bright red avatar: "Jerusalem Post: Moscow mayor hopeful raises Jewish fears with anti-Semitic remarks”. Stunned, I clicked on the link. There, on the website of one of Israel’s oldest and best-known newspapers, I found the article under the same headline. It was illustrated with a large photograph of…

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  • 'JPost editor forbids mentioning corruption allegations against Jerusalem mayoral candidate'

    According to Seventh Eye, Steve Linde told senior journalists at the Jerusalem Post that on the order of the publisher, allegations involving Moshe Leon should not be discussed in reports of the Jerusalem municipal race. Leon’s candidacy is backed by Avigdor Lieberman. Why did the Jerusalem Post's Editor-in-Chief, Steve Linde, instruct his writers not to report on Moshe Leon’s alleged involvement in corruption cases in the 90s? According to a report on the media watch site the Seventh Eye, Linde sent the paper's senior writers an email informing them that Eli Azur, the Post’s publisher “doesn't want the corruption allegations to…

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  • Tzipi Livni joins the 'Israel apartheid' club

    Israel's justice minister follows former prime ministers Barak and Olmert in applying the term to this occupying country. The newest self-hating Jewish anti-Semite, according to right-wing Zionist standards, is Tzipi Livni, who on Monday suggested that one of Israel’s possible futures is that of an “apartheid state.” From The Jerusalem Post: During her Eilat speech, Livni said she was impressed that youth in the country protested against the government decision to export natural gas. “I appreciate the fact that they care and are thinking about the future, and obligating us to think about the future,” she said. “But the time…

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  • Fact checking racist incitement against African refugees in Israel

    Respected Israeli journalist Ben Caspit recently launched an attack against African asylum seekers in Israeli national newspapers 'The Post' and 'Jerusalem Post.' A response to the racist incitement and damaging factual inaccuracies. By Natasha Roth and Leah McDonnell A recent article in The Post's Sof Hashavua magazine, which was subsequently translated into English and published in The Jerusalem Post, addressed the topic of asylum seekers in south Tel Aviv. Unfortunately for all concerned, the piece was extraordinarily inflammatory and heavily speculative. Additionally, a great deal of the information used to support the arguments put forward in the piece was factually and…

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  • Jerusalem Post compares labeling settlement products to Nazism

    The paper’s correspondent in Berlin, known for his ties with radical right-wing groups, has done it again. In a couple of articles published last month, the widely-read Jerusalem Post compared the European Union's decision to label Israeli settlement products to nothing less than Nazism. A year ago, the European Union passed a decision to label Israeli goods produced in the occupied territories, differentiating them from products of Israel proper. The Union is objecting to Israel’s settlement policy, but nevertheless has many trade agreements and joint projects with Israel. (The EU is Israel's largest trade partner.) The decision to label products…

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  • Settlers accuse 'Haaretz' of calling for violence against them

    Fallout from Amira Hass’s article on Palestinian stone-throwing shows that as far as Israelis are concerned, any and every form of resistance against the occupation is illegitimate. The Yesha Council – the regional council for West Bank settlements, which operates also as the settlers’ political and lobbying arm – filed a complaint with the Jerusalem Police against the Haaretz daily newspaper and its reporter in the occupied territories, Amira Hass. Hass this morning published a piece discussing the logic of stone-throwing and persecution in the occupied territories. Quotes: Throwing stones is the birthright and duty of anyone subject to foreign rule. Throwing stones…

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  • Searching for meaning in the deaths of innocents

    Using cold logic to explain the killings of civilians is an attempt to deaden our emotions and detach us from inexplicable tragedy. By Jake Meth When I was younger, I always hoped that my older self would have a great explanation for why innocent civilians kept getting killed in violent conflicts. But as Israel began another air campaign against the Gaza Strip last week, I suddenly realized that this explanation for which I had waited so long was nowhere to be found. I was 15 when the U.S. invaded Iraq, when it seemed as if every other headline in the…

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  • The slandering of Gaza flotilla activist Greta Berlin

    A lie of omission is as good a lie as any other.  It's amazing how blatantly, how shamelessly a Jewish Agency official named Avi Mayer, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, the Jerusalem Post, Canada's National Post and I don't know how many other "pro-Israel" entities have slandered Greta Berlin, a prominent spokeswoman of the Free Gaza Movement, as an advocate of the worst, sickest kind of anti-Semitism. They've deliberately left out Berlin's explanation for a tweet she sent out a few days ago, and without her explanation, one is indeed left to conclude that she's a crazed Jew-hater. A lot of people,…

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  • No, criticism of Israel is not anti-Semitism

    In fact, it could be the best thing a Jew can do these days. The Jerusalem Post has published an op-ed titled, "Yes, all criticism of Israel is anti-Semitic!" As any philosophy student can recognize, it's one of those arguments that makes the entire debate meaningless - if something is everything then it's also nothing - but the piece is worth reading (and responding to) nonetheless. The author captures – unintentionally – the zeitgeist in Israeli politics, and also in large parts of the Jewish world. Both have ceased to differentiate between diplomacy, politics, and anti-Semitism as a special form…

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  • Jerusalem Post op-ed calls New Yorker editor 'anti-Israel'

    By publishing an op-ed whose sole purpose is to demonize the editor of The New Yorker, the Jerusalem Post is positioning itself in direct odds with liberal values - not to mention  journalistic integrity. The Jerusalem Post ran an op-ed yesterday (Monday) by a writer and attorney from Washington, D.C. explaining why he is canceling his 50-year subscription to the New Yorker magazine. The poorly-argued and belligerent article directly implicates the magazine's editor of 14 years, David Remnick, for being "unabashedly anti-Israel," and personally attacks him as being unfit for the job and its salary since his "only previous editorial…

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  • The Right's handbook on American-Jewish loyalty

    Jerusalem Post's deputy editor wants Jews to put Israel before the interests of their own country, while Daily Beast's Eli Lake demands that Israelis stay out of the debate on Israel There is a heated debate going on in the US regarding the application of the term "Israeli Firster," meaning a person who puts Israel's interest before those of his own country. Some people argue that the term itself is anti-Semitic; the Israeli right, on the other hand, explicitly expects Jews to be loyal to Israel first and foremost, even if it means confronting their own society. Caroline B. Glick,…

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